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SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Training Courses

Now that you have invested in SAP's ERP solution, it's time to make the the most of the software with Certified SAP Enterprise Resource Planning training from ExitCertified. No matter where you are in North America, or how you prefer to take your training, our Education Specialists are here to help you find the right SAP ERP course for you. Select a SAP ERP training category below to get started.
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  • SAP - Payroll Configuration (Course)

    Course Code: HR400-v015
    Skills Gained Customize the Payroll Schema to calculate payroll elements such as wage types, attendances and absences. Who Can Benefit Application Consultant Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power...
  • SAP - Actual Costing / Material Ledger (Course)

    Course Code: AC530-v098
    Skills Gained Understand the tasks and objectives of the material ledger and actual costing Who Can Benefit Implementation project team members Employees responsible for implementing the material...
  • SAP - Business Processes in Management Accounting (Course)

    Course Code: AC040-v015
    Skills Gained Outline business concepts and methods involved in Management Accounting in the SAP system Perform Planning and outline Integrated Planning in Management Accounting Perform daily Postings...
  • SAP - Profitability Analysis (Course)

    Course Code: AC605-v015
    Skills Gained Course participants learn about the structure and business terms from the Management Accounting area Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) in the SAP system Discuss the Actual and Plan value...
  • SAP - Business Process Integration (Course)

    Course Code: WNABPI-v010
    Skills Gained Navigate confidently within SAP systems Describe how various business transactions are performed using the SAP ERP system Explain the integration points between applications within SAP...
  • SAP - Financial Closing (Course)

    Course Code: AC205-v015
    Skills Gained Learn about the time frame and integration flow of the financial closing procedure and the relevant customizing activities involved. Who Can Benefit Application Consultants Project...
  • SAP - Asset Accounting (Course)

    Course Code: AC305-v015
    Skills Gained This course focuses on managing FI-AA master data and on the handling of the various business processes in FI-AA. It also covers, e.g., the topics periodic processing, evaluation and...
  • SAP - Configuration of Master Data (Course)

    Course Code: HR305-v015
    Skills Gained Design the Personnel Structure Update the Organizational Structure Manage the Relationship Between Planned Working Time and Basic Pay Configure Wage Types and Increases Set up...
  • SAP - Cash Management (Course)

    Course Code: AC805-v098
    Skills Gained Course participants learn the functions of cash management and the short and medium-term liquidity monitoring. Long-term financial budgeting is not covered in this course. Learn how to...
  • SAP - Business Processes in Financial Accounting (Course)

    Course Code: AC010-v015
    Skills Gained This course gives participants an overview of the different processes in the financial accounting components of SAP ERP and shows the connections between the individual processes (new...
  • SAP - LES Associates Certification Workshop (Course)

    Course Code: WNALEA-v015
    Skills Gained • To help prepare you for the Logistics Execution Associates Certification through an intensive review of the exam topics and quizzes. Who Can Benefit • Application Consultants •...
  • SAP - Financial Accounting II (Course)

    Course Code: TFIN52-v015
    Skills Gained Manage master data and configure Asset Accounting Implement and use various business processes and periodic tasks in Asset Accounting, Special G/L transactions and document parking Apply...
  • SAP - PP & Mfg. Certification Prep Workshop (Course)

    Course Code: WNAPPA-v010
    Skills Gained To help prepare you for the Production - Planning & Manufacturing Certification through an intensive review of the exam topics and quizzes. Who Can Benefit Application Consultants...
  • Customizing SAP Dispute & SAP Collections Management (Course)

    Course Code: FSC200-v098
    Skills Gained This course will prepare you to:    -Customize the SAP Receivables Management components SAP Dispute Management and SAP Collections Management and understand the necessary...
  • SAP Process Integration (Course)

    Course Code: BIT400-v015
    Skills Gained The participants will learn to configure scenarios Understand and configure the different options with which a back-end system can be connected to the SAP Process Integration (formerly...
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