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Change Control Management

Course Details
Code: E2E200-v018
Tuition (USD): $4,090.00 • Virtual (5 days)
$4,090.00 • Classroom (5 days)

Skills Gained

  • This course will prepare you to:
       -Describe the concept and methods of E2E Change Control Management.
       -Leverage the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 as application platform for E2E Change Control Management.

Who Can Benefit

  • Change Managers: Responsible for documentation, approval and change processes
  • System Landscape Architects: Responsible for the design of the transport landscape topology
  • System Administrators: Responsible for executing transports
  • Development Managers: Responsible for performing development changes
  • Application Manager: Responsible for approving and performing changes in an application
  • Support Manager and members of the customer’s SAP competence center: Responsible for Reporting and Diagnostics capabilities
  • Partners and System Integrators


  • Essential:
       -Fundamentals of SAP Software Change Management
       -Basic knowledge of SAP Solution Manager
  • Recommended:
       -ADM325 - Software Logistics for SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Suite

Course Details

Course Content

  • Introduction to E2E Change Control Management
       -Explain the scope of End-to-End Change Control Management
       -Explain the role of SAP Solution Manager to manage changes in your solution landscape
  • Enhanced Change and Transport System
       -Explain how the Enhanced Change and Transport System (CTS+) works
       -Understand the basic concepts of Enterprise Portal and how it is supported by CTS+
       -Describe the best practices for the setup and usage of CTS+ in different scenarios
  • Configuration Validation
       -Understand the concepts and architecture of E2E Change Diagnostics
       -Find current configuration information with the Change Reporting tool
       -Find recent changes in the solution landscape with the E2E Change Analysis tool
       -Compare multiple systems with the Configuration Validation tool
       -Create targets, use operators and run validation reports
       -Know how to use predefined reports in the report directory
  • Transport and Execution Analysis Service and Transport and Execution Analysis Service for Projects
       -Know how to run and use this self-check services within SAP Solution Manager
       -Understand how to interpret the software change management KPI´s that are collected for your landscape
  • Software Change Strategy
       -Understand the limitations of a three-system landscape
       -Understand the benefits of bundling changes in cycles and synchronized releases
  • Transport Management with SAP Solution Manager
       -Understand the change control landscape concept for transport management in SAP Solution Manager 7.2
       -Understand the usage of critical objects, cross system object locking and downgrade protection
       -Know how to use retrofit in a dual landscape
       -Understand the features of cCTS, which can be used for Quality Gate Management and Change Request Management parallel to CTS.
  • Quality Gate Management
       -Explain the concept of Solution Transports and Track Synchronization
       -Setup and use Quality Gate Scenario as a central Transport Management Tool
       -Create and release transport requests centrally in SAP Solution Manager for ABAP and Non-ABAP environments
       -Know how to work within the Quality Gate Scenario
  • Change Request Management
       -Understand the different use cases for Change Request Management
       -Describe the various elements of Change Request Management as part of SAP Solution Manager
       -Understand SAP’s best practices for transport management which are implemented in Change Request Management
       -Know how to work with Change Request Management
  • Release Management
       -Learn how to manage Release Management with SAP Solution Manager
       -Understand how to manage the successful deployment of all related changes into the productive environment.


  • Courseware available as flipbook in Learning Hub
  • This course shows how the SAP Solution Manager can be leveraged as an application management platform for E2E Change Control

Course based on software release

  • SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP05
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