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Inventory Management and Physical Inventory

  • Tuition USD $4,090 GSA  $3,037.78
  • Reviews star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_half 334 Ratings
  • Course Code SCM510-v015
  • Duration 5 days
  • Available Formats Virtual, Classroom

Skills Gained

  • Teach participants the basic functions of inventory management and physical inventory, and how to create different goods movements in the SAP system.
  • Familiarize participants with the special functions of inventory management and physical inventory, and the Customizing settings relevant to inventory management and physical inventory.

Who Can Benefit

  • Application Consultant
  • Business Process Architect
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
  • Program / Project Manager
  • User


  • Essential:
       -SCM500 Processes in Procurement or corresponding SAP knowledge in materials management area
  • Recommended:
       -A solid understanding of the inventory management process.

Course Details

Course Content

  • Introduction to Inventory Management
       -Defining Inventory Management and Physical Inventory
       -Moving Goods with the MIGO Transaction
  • Goods Receipts (GRs)
       -Posting a GR Without Reference
       -Posting a GR with Reference
       -Posting a GR with Automatic Generation of a PO
       -Posting Cancellations, Return Deliveries, and Returns
       -Applying Order Price Unit in Inventory Management
       -Applying Tolerances and the Delivery Completed Indicator
       -Adding Date Checks to GRs for a PO
  • Stock Transfers and Transfer Postings
       -Performing Transfer Postings
       -Performing Stock Transfers Between Storage Locations
       -Performing Stock Transfers Between Plants
  • Reservations
       -Creating Manual Reservations
       -Evaluating Reservations
       -Checking Availability and Missing Parts
  • Goods Issues (GIs)
       -Posting Unplanned GIs
       -Posting a GI with Reference
       -Configuring Stock Determination
       -Allowing Negative Stock
  • Special Forms of Procurement and Special Stocks
       -Performing the Process of Subcontracting
       -Performing Vendor Consignment
       -Operating Pipeline Processes
       -Posting Goods Movements for Special Stocks
  • Special Features of Material Valuation
       -Posting Goods Movements for Material Types UNBW and NLAG
       -Configuring Split Valuation
  • Physical Inventory
       -Conducting Physical Inventory
       -Analyzing the Determination of Book Inventory
       -Simplifying Physical Inventory
       -Applying Cycle Counting
       -Applying Inventory Sampling
  • Analyses
       -Applying Stock Lists and Document Lists
       -Applying Periodic Processing
  • Customizing
       -Implementing Settings for Documents
       -Setting Up Movement Types
       -Applying Other Customizing Settings
  • Logistics Execution
       -Managing Logistics Execution Processes
       -Posting a GR Against a PO
       -Posting a GI for a Sales Order

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP 6.0 with Enhancement Package 7

How do I enroll?

A comprehensive listing of ExitCertified courses can be found here. You can register directly for the required course/location when you select "register". If you have any questions or prefer to speak with an ExitCertified education consultant directly, please submit your query here. A representative will contact you shortly.

How do I pay for a class?

You can pay at the time of registration using credit card (Mastercard/Visa/American Express) cheque or PO.

What if I have training credits?

ExitCertified honors all savings programs from the partners we work with. ExitCertified also offers training credits across multiple partners through our FLEX Account.

When does class start/end?

Classes begin promptly at 9:00 am, and typically end at 5:00 pm.


Lunch is normally an hour long and begins at noon. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and juice are available all day in the kitchen. Fruit, muffins and bagels are served each morning. There are numerous restaurants near each of our centers, and some popular ones are indicated on the Area Map in the Student Welcome Handbooks - these can be picked up in the lobby or requested from one of our ExitCertified staff.

How can someone reach me during class?

If someone should need to contact you while you are in class, please have them call the center telephone number and leave a message with the receptionist.

What languages are used to deliver training?

Most courses are conducted in English, unless otherwise specified. Some courses will have the word "FRENCH" marked in red beside the scheduled date(s) indicating the language of instruction.

Great facility with good selection of drinks and small snacks. Equipment also worked flawlessly.

Tech Data provided me with all the resources required to familiarize myself with the TRIRIGA Lease module. The facilitator was very knowledgeable and provided comprehensive exercises and support to aid in my understanding of the application.

The course material and instructor were very good. easy to follow, lab was setup nicely and was able to complete most of the lab material.
The Koretex App is absolute garbage and very cumbersome to use on a tablet/ipad. A PDF file would be 100 times better than that atrocious app.
As a recommendation this class should be 5 days instead of 4 as some chapters had to be rushed.

Tommy was a great instructor. We relied on this class to develop our understanding, and we were very happy with the result.

Very thorough and well-presented class. Pace of the class was perfect and labs offered great opportunity to practice material.

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  • Aug 3, 2020 Aug 7, 2020 (5 days)
    Location Details
    9:30 5:30 EST
  • Nov 2, 2020 Nov 6, 2020 (5 days)
    Location Details
    9:30 5:30 EST
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