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Performance and Tuning: Adaptive Server Enterprise 16.0 Query Optimization

Course Details
Code: EDB634-v015
Tuition (USD): $4,090.00 • Classroom (5 days)
Course Details
GSA (USD): $3,037.78 • Classroom (5 days)

Skills Gained

  • Explain optimization tools and their use
  • Discuss the steps involved in executing code from input to return of result set
  • Use code to pass hints to the Optimizer
  • Perform tasks to evaluate the behavior of the optimizer
  • Implement the most efficient data-change and data-retrieval T-SQL code in your queries and stored procedures
  • Force optimization steps on the Optimizer

Who Can Benefit

  • Developer
  • Developer Consultant


  • Essential:
       -EDB116 or equivalent knowledge
  • Recommended:

Course Details

Course Content

  • Principles of Performance and Tuning
       -Defining Performance and Tuning Terms
       -Defining Tuning Methodology
  • Query Processing and Execution
       -Identifying the Client and Server Relationship
       -Defining the Query Scheduling Process
       -Defining the Optimization Process
  • The Tuning Toolbox
       -Using Diagnostic Tools for Tuning
       -Using Non-Session Tools for Tuning
       -Using Syntax Commands for Tuning
  • Table Structures
       -Identifying Table Structures
       -Partitioning Tables
  • Index Structures
       -Designing an Index
       -Creating Function-Based Indexes
       -Defining an Index Partitioning Strategy
  • Optimizer Statistics
       -Creating Optimizer Statistics
       -Examining Optimizer Statistics
       -Managing Optimizer Statistics
       -Tuning Statistic Maintenance
  • Query Optimization
       -Identifying the Phases of the Optimization Process
       -Controlling the Optimizer
       -Determining Compatibility Issues
  • Access Method Optimization
       -Optimizing Access Methods
       -Determining Query Strategies
       -Estimating the Costs of Queries
  • Joins
       -Analyzing Joins
       -Tuning Joins
  • Parallelism
       -Examining Parallel Query Plans
       -Configuring Parallelism
       -Examining Runtime Adjustments
       -Troubleshooting Parallelism Issues
  • Additional Optimization Techniques
       -Using Optimization Techniques
       -Defining Optimization Components
       -Optimizing Operators
       -Using Aggregate Processing
  • Data Modifications
       -Inserting Tables
       -Deleting Tables
       -Updating Tables and Indexes
  • Stored Procedure Optimization
       -Optimizing Stored Procedures
       -Troubleshooting Stored Procedure Issues
       -Costing Temporary Tables in Stored Procedures
       -Tuning Stored Procedures
  • Optimizer Statistics Tuning
       -Tuning Column Statistics
       -Creating Simulated Statistics
  • Abstract Plans
       -Defining Abstract Plans
       -Creating Abstract Plans
       -Tuning Abstract Plans
  • Performance Monitoring
       -Forcing the Optimizer
       -Monitoring Query Plan Performance


  • The course material is available in English only
  • This course prepares you for the Development Consultant Certification exam

Course based on software release

  • SAP ASE 16.0
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