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Using SAS(R) Inventory Optimization Workbench 5.2

Course Details
Code: SCIO52
Tuition (USD): $975.00 • Classroom (1.5 days)

At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to explain how using the features and functions of SAS Inventory Optimization Workbench 5.2 will enhance their ability to calculate optimal inventory replenishment policies based on user-specified constraints thus enabling them to maintain customer service levels while minimizing average total costs.

Skills Gained

  • leverage the inventory performance workspace to identify outliers based on key inputs such as lead time and service level
  • use the scenarios workspace to understand the impact that changes to input variables could have on overall network cost
  • use the orders workspace to evaluate, lock, and promote orders.

Who Can Benefit

  • End users of the SAS Inventory Optimization solution, typically inventory analysts and buyers


  • Prior to attending this course, you should have a good understanding of how the supply chain is configured within your organization.

Course Details

Course Introduction

  • about this course
  • about using SAS Inventory Optimization Workbench
  • solution inputs

Using the Inventory Performance Workspace

  • about this workspace
  • analyzing inventory performance by products
  • analyzing inventory performance by facilites and networks
  • managing alerts

Working with Scenarios

  • about scenarios
  • working with customer-facing facility scenarios
  • working with internal facility scenarios
  • working with adhoc scenarios
  • working with optimization override scenarios

Using the Orders Workspace

  • about this workspace
  • working with base orders
  • working with promotional orders

Using the Reports Workspace and Other Features

  • using the reports workspace
  • using other features

Closing Considerations

  • course summary
  • learning survey
  • additional help resources
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