SAS(R) Drug Development API

Course Details
Tuition (USD): $1,950.00 • Classroom (3 days)

This course is designed for software and IT professionals who want to use SAS Drug Development API.

Skills Gained

  • automate your day-to-day processes
  • standardize your day-to-day process activities
  • build in-house utilities leading to process improvement.

Who Can Benefit

  • Software and IT professionals who want to learn how to use SAS Drug Development API


  • Before attending this course, you should have an intermediate-level knowledge of Java and SAS programming. Specifically, you should
  • be able to run and compile Java programs
  • understand data types, language constructs, and flow control
  • understand classes, objects, and inheritance
  • understand loops, arrays, lists, and sets.

Course Details

Java API Overview

  • receive an overview of SDD Java API

Setting Up Eclipse Project

  • set up an Eclipse project

User Management

  • retrieve user information
  • create and delete users
  • retrieve global privilege list
  • assign global privileges to users

Context Management

  • create a project and analysis
  • manage memberships
  • manage groups
  • manage roles

Data Management

  • upload and download data
  • check in and check out data
  • repository and workspace data move

Job Management

  • create a job
  • execute a job

Report Management

  • audit reports
  • work item reports
  • ACL reports
  • sync reports

SAS Drug Development SAS Macros API

  • SDD SAS macros API
  • executing SAS macros

Installing SAS Drug Development SAS Macro API on a PC

  • installation on a PC

Running SAS Drug Development SAS Macros on a PC

  • context management
  • member management
  • ACLs (permissions)
  • build hierarchy

Running SAS Macros in SAS Drug Development

  • group management
  • role management
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