JMP(R) Software: Statistical Process Control

Course Details
Code: JSPC13
Tuition (USD): $1,300.00 • Classroom (2 days)

This course teaches you how to set up and maintain a statistical process control system using JMP software.

Who Can Benefit

  • Individuals who want to learn how to use JMP to perform statistical process control and process capability analysis

Course Details


  • historical perspective of statistical process control
  • variation
  • data format
  • basic quality tools (optional)

Control Charts for Measurement Data

  • control chart builder
  • X-MR charts
  • XBar-R and XBar-S charts
  • additional tests
  • phases

SPC System Engineering

  • response variables
  • phase !/phase II control
  • out-of-control action plan
  • SPC system monitoring (self-study)

Process Capability

  • process capability
  • process screening platform
  • cautions

Attribute Charts

  • introduction
  • binomial charts
  • Poission charts

Nonstandard Control Charts

  • multiple sources of variation
  • rare event charts
  • control charts using probability limits

Dependent Data

  • autocorrelation
  • EWMA charts
  • multivariate data

Case Study

Summary of Control Charts

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