Application Development Using the JMP(R) Scripting Language

Course Details
Code: JAD13
Tuition (USD): $1,300.00 • Classroom (2 days)

This course is for JMP users with scripting experience who prepare applications for data processing, analysis, or reporting. This course demonstrates how to use the JMP Application Builder and Add-In Builder to develop and deploy simple and custom applications, including applications with multiple windows. The course uses a case study to demonstrate developing a dashboard that displays key performance indicators for a fictitious company.

Skills Gained

  • use the Application Builder to create instant applications
  • parameterize variables in instant applications
  • customize applications using Application Builder tools and the JMP Scripting Language
  • exploit more efficient scripting techniques, such as user functions, matrices, and lists
  • control the workflow of applications that use multiple windows
  • deploy applications as JMP add-ins to other JMP users.

Who Can Benefit

  • JMP analysts who want to develop applications by combining the power of the JMP Scripting Language with the ease of drag-and-drop manipulations in an advanced, integrated development environment


  • Before attending this course, you should complete the JMP(R) Software: Introduction to the JMP(R) Scripting Language course or have equivalent experience.

Course Details


  • introduction to JMP applications
  • motivating scenario for the course

Dashboards and Parameterized Applications

  • interactively developing dashboards
  • parameterizing applications

Custom Applications

  • JSL essentials
  • single-module applications
  • multiple-module applications

Application Deployment

  • deploying applications
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