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Explaining Analytics to Decision Makers: Insights to Action

Course Details
Code: BPAO
Tuition (USD): $1,650.00 • Classroom (2 days)
Course Details
GSA (USD): $1,496.22 • Classroom (2 days)

Success in analytics means getting your work applied. Getting your work applied means getting your work understood. Getting your work understood means using a different set of tools than those you used to develop your work.

This course discusses the major impediments to the effective communication of analytics and presents solutions. You will learn a variety of approaches including visualizations, foreshadowing, messaging, interpersonal communications, presentations, and most importantly, understanding your audience and adapting your message to the audience. Each approach is explored and the role in the whole of the communication process is considered.

A framework is presented to help think through the process. An individual can use this framework to plan personal communication efforts. An organization can use this framework to develop an expectation of communication for all levels of the organization.

Skills Gained

  • get your best work recognized and used
  • supplement your results with visualizations
  • anticipate and deal with common issues in sharing analytics
  • think through communication challenges and develop a framework to solve them
  • develop a purpose that will drive the whole process of explaining analytics
  • develop a communication expectation for the entire organization
  • build confidence in your abilities through purpose and planning.

Who Can Benefit

  • Individual data scientists and business analytical professionals from any industry who are tasked with presenting analytics; managers who need to improve upward communication; whole analytics teams from middle management to team leaders to analytics professionals looking to improve their collective process of getting their work recognized and used


  • No previous courses are required. It is recommended that you have a basic working knowledge of analytics and/or statistics.

Course Details

The Role of Analytics

  • value from analytics
  • learning from failure
  • the analyst dilemma
  • the change management business
  • presentation basics
  • structure of explaining analytics

Motivation and Direction

  • the era of empathy
  • storytelling: because we are human
  • storytelling with a design

Data-Driven Analytical Objective

  • a data-driven objective
  • data-driven objective demonstrated

Explaining the Analytic Process

  • explaining analytics through the concept of maximizing information
  • simplifying complexity
  • moving to the objective optimization zone
  • producing a broader understanding

Presenting Results

  • we are in the change management business
  • understanding your audience
  • developing a sticky message
  • living in a PowerPoint world

Developing a Customized Methodology

  • an applied structure
  • framework of explaining analytics
  • embracing the art of analytics
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