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Taking Your SAS(R) Programming Skills to the Next Level

Course Details
Code: PGSKL2
Tuition (USD): $325.00 • Classroom (4 hours)
$325.00 • Virtual (4 hours)

This course advances your SAS data manipulation skills by leveraging hash objects, Perl regular expressions, and the DS2 programming language. Hash objects are predefined, DATA step component objects that enable you to load data into memory and execute quick, efficient search-and-retrieval operations that are based on lookup keys. For text manipulation, Perl regular expressions enable you to search for and extract multiple, complex matching patterns from character strings. Lastly, this course illustrates the new, advanced data-manipulation features of DS2, the most recent SAS programming language. Features include threaded processing, variable scoping, user-defined methods, high-precision numeric calculations using ANSI SQL data types, and input-table preprocessing with SQL in the SET statement.

Skills Gained

  • use Perl regular expressions for data-pattern matching and data validation
  • load a hash object from a SAS data set
  • use a hash object method to match records
  • use a hash object to perform an in-memory table lookup in a DATA step
  • convert a Base SAS DATA step to a DS2 program
  • create DS2 variable declarations, expressions, and methods
  • convert a DS2 DATA program to a thread program and process observations in parallel.

Who Can Benefit

  • Anyone who is ready to learn SAS programming skills beyond those learned in the SAS(R) Programming II: Manipulating Data with the DATA Step course


  • This course is not appropriate for beginning SAS software users. Before attending this course, you should have several months of SAS programming experience or have taken the SAS(R) Programming II: Manipulating Data with the DATA Step course.

Course Details


  • course logistics
  • creating course data files

Perl Regular Expressions

  • introduction to Perl
  • using Perl regular expressions and SAS PRX functions
  • using PRX functions for data validation

DATA Step Hash Objects

  • introduction to hash objects
  • loading a hash object from a SAS data set

DS2 Programming

  • introduction to DS2
  • basic DS2 syntax
  • threading in DS2
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