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SAS(R) SQL 1: Essentials for FedEx Institute

Course Details
Code: FESQ1
Tuition (USD): $1,300.00 • Classroom (2 days)

This course teaches you how to process SAS data using Structured Query Language (SQL).

Skills Gained

  • query and subset data
  • summarize and present data
  • combine tables, including complex joins and merges
  • create and modify table views and indexes
  • replace multiple DATA and PROC steps with one SQL query.

Who Can Benefit

  • SAS programmers and business analysts


  • Before attending this class, you should be able to
  • submit SAS programs on your operating system
  • create and access SAS data sets
  • use arithmetic, comparison, and logical operators
  • invoke SAS procedures.

Course Details


  • introducing the Structured Query Language
  • course logistics

Basic Queries

  • overview of the SQL procedure
  • specifying columns
  • specifying rows

Displaying Query Results

  • presenting data
  • summarizing data

SQL Joins

  • introduction to SQL joins
  • inner joins
  • outer joins
  • complex SQL joins


  • noncorrelated subqueries
  • in-line views

Set Operators

  • introduction to set operators
  • the UNION operator
  • the OUTER UNION operator
  • the EXCEPT operator
  • the INTERSECT operator

Creating Tables and Views

  • creating tables with the SQL procedure
  • creating views with the SQL procedure

Advanced PROC SQL Features

  • dictionary tables and views
  • using SQL procedure options
  • interfacing PROC SQL with the macro language

Learning More

  • SAS resources
  • beyond this course

Self-Study Topics

  • correlated subqueries
  • introduction to indexes
  • creating indexes
  • maintaining tables with the SQL procedure
  • integrity constraints
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