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Developing Custom Tasks for SAS(R) Enterprise Guide(R)

Course Details
Tuition (USD): $1,100.00 • Classroom (2 days)
Course Details
GSA (USD): $997.48 • Classroom (2 days)

SAS Enterprise Guide is a hugely popular application that is used by SAS programmers, SAS power users, and business analysts around the world. It does a lot, but does it do everything that you need it to do? Organizations often have a need to extend or customize their SAS Enterprise Guide environment to fit their particular industry or business processes.

Skills Gained

  • find and install existing custom tasks to make your users more productive
  • simplify a complex process by wrapping it in a custom task
  • design easy-to-use interfaces for end users to help them accomplish their work
  • make your custom tasks easier to learn by having them look and behave the same as the built-in tasks
  • design your tasks to be easy to debug and maintain
  • create "mash-ups" of other services and your SAS processes by connecting them with custom tasks
  • add your custom tasks for use in the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office.

Who Can Benefit

  • SAS consultants, IT professionals who support SAS users, any SAS professional who wants to extend the SAS Enterprise Guide platform


  • Before attending this course, you should
  • have good working knowledge of SAS Enterprise Guide
  • be familiar with SAS programming at the level taught in the SAS(R) Programming I: Essentials course or have equivalent work experience
  • some familiarity with object-oriented concepts.

Course Details


Designing a New Custom Task

  • identifying the scope
  • designing the desired result
  • creating a prototype of the flow
  • designing the perfect user interface

Tools of the Trade

  • introduction to Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Visual Basic versus C#: how to choose
  • understanding versions: Microsoft .NET and SAS
  • creating a custom task project
  • additional development tools

Introduction to the SAS Custom Tasks APIs

  • what is in the SAS.Shared.AddIns APIs
  • what is in the SAS Tasks Toolkit
  • which APIs are important for what type of tasks
  • Looking inside a custom task

Creating a Simple Task

  • using templates to start quickly
  • creating a simple task model
  • teaching your task to generate a program
  • creating a user interface
  • saving task settings and preferences

The Custom Task Lifecycle

  • the different phases of the task lifecycle
  • what happens during task registration mode?
  • what happens during task design mode?
  • what happens during task run mode?
  • considerations for best performance in each mode

Debugging Techniques

  • using the Microsoft Visual Studio debugger
  • creating built-in diagnostics for your task
  • designing a task that is easy to test
  • maintaining your task over time

Accessing Data in Your Task

  • how SAS Enterprise Guide provides data
  • using data providers in Microsoft .NET
  • using SasData classes from the task toolkit
  • considerations for data performance

Running SAS Programs in Your Task

  • about the SAS workspace and language service
  • using the SasSubmitter class
  • synchronous versus asynchronous processing
  • retrieving and interpreting program results
  • being a good citizen with the SAS workspace

Adding SAS Features to Your Task

  • understanding task class attributes
  • naming and categorizing tasks
  • using SAS controls: SAS variable selector
  • using SAS controls: SAS data selector
  • using SAS controls: SAS Program Editor
  • supporting task templates

Administration of Your Task

  • distributing and installing your tasks
  • controlling access to tasks with metadata
  • best practices for updating your tasks
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