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Introduction to SAS/ACCESS(R) Interface to Teradata

Course Details
Tuition (USD): $650.00 • Classroom (1 day)
$650.00 • Virtual (1 day)
Course Details
GSA (USD): $589.42 • Classroom (1 day)
$589.42 • Virtual (1 day)

This course teaches you how to read Teradata tables in Teradata using the SAS 9.4 SAS/ACCESS Interface to Teradata. You learn how to connect to Teradata and to query a single Teradata table and multiple Teradata tables. You also learn efficiency techniques and options for optimizing data access performance.

Skills Gained

  • read Teradata tables using the LIBNAME statement and the SQL pass-through facility
  • use options and efficiency techniques for optimizing data access performance
  • join data using the SQL procedure and the DATA step
  • publish and use SAS formats in Teradata.

Who Can Benefit

  • SAS programmers who need to access data in Teradata from within SAS


  • Before attending this course, you should be comfortable programming in SAS and Structured Query Language (SQL). You can gain this experience from the SAS(R) SQL 1: Essentials course. You can gain knowledge of SAS from the SAS(R) Programming I: Essentials course. A working knowledge of Teradata is helpful.

Course Details


  • course logistics
  • overview of SAS/ACCESS software
  • overview of Teradata
  • connecting to Teradata

Using the SQL Pass-Through Facility

  • connecting to Teradata and investigating Teradata metadata

Using the SAS/ACCESS LBNAME Engine

  • using the LIBNAME statement for Teradata
  • using data set options
  • creating views
  • combining tables

Performance Considerations

  • improving performance with the LIBNAME statement

Base SAS In-Database Technology

  • overview of SAS In-database technology
  • using Base SAS procedures in Teradata
  • using SAS formats and user-defined formats in Teradata

Learning More

Appendix (Self-Study)

  • Introducing Teradata Parallel Transporter Application Programming Interface
  • loading data with FastLoad and MultiLoad
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