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Specialized Training Courses

ExitCertified offers a wide selection of IT training courses, covering dozens of different topics and technologies. Some of the most exciting training that we offer are specialized courses that do not specifically fall under any one vendor partner category. For this reason, we have brought together this list of unique and cutting-edge courses for you to consider.


Specialized Network & Security Training Courses

Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
  • CyberSec First Responder: Threat Detection and Response (2180V)
  • CSFI Certified Collections Analyst (5967)
  • SonicWall Network Security Administrator (8429)
  • F5 Networks Configuring BIG-IP APM: Access Policy Manager (100338)
  • F5 Networks Administering BIG-IP (100358)
  • F5 Networks Configuring BIG-IP LTM: Local Traffic Manager (100561)
  • Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) Training (2060)
  • Securing Kubernetes (RX-M-SecKub)
  • VoLTE and the IMS (3278)
  • TCP/IP Networking (9025)
  • Cybersecurity Foundations (9701)
  • CSFI: Introduction to Cyber Warfare and Operations Design (9719)
  • Secure .Net Web Application Development Lifecycle (SDL) (TT8325-N)

Specialized Development Training Courses

Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
  • JavaServer Faces (JSF) Essentials (TT6300)
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Analysis (TT7110)
  • Secure Web Application Development Seminar (Language Neutral Edition) (TT8120)
  • Apache TomCat 8 Administration (TTC9250) (3804V)
  • SAFe 5.0 Scrum Master with SSM Certification (SSM) (5895)
  • Introduction to Selenium & Selenium Web Testing (TT3610)
  • Transitioning to Java 9 (TT2109)
  • Java 9 and OO Programming Essentials for Developers New to OO (TT2120-J9)
  • Introduction to Java 9 / 10 Programming for OO Experienced Developers (TT2100-J9)
  • Introduction to Kubernetes (KUBERNETES)
  • Oracle Policy Modelling and Oracle Policy Automation Workshop (OPM-OPA-WKSHP)
  • The Java Specialist Master Course (JAV-402)
  • Introduction to Redux for React using JavaScript/ECMAScript (ACCEL-REDUX-REACT)
  • MongoDB for the DBA – Ops Manager (ADV-MongoDB-DBA)
  • Introduction to MongoDB for the DBA (ACCEL-MONGO-INTRO)
  • MongoDB for Developers (ACCEL-MONGO-DEV)
  • Blockchain Introduction and Architecture (BC-INTRO-ARCH)
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Advanced Administration (SLE301)
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 Advanced Administration (SLE301V15)
  • Introduction to Python (INTRO-PYTHON)
  • Modern Web Development with NodeJS (TT4615)
  • Working with Node.js (TT4613)
  • Mastering Angular (TT4168)
  • Core Java 8 Programming for Object Oriented Developers (TT2104-J8)
  • Introduction to Java 9 / 10 for Developers New to OO Programming (TT2120-J9X)
  • Introduction to Java 11 13 Programming for OO Experienced Developers (TT2100-J113)
  • Working with Apache Kafka (for Developers) (TTKKFKA2)
  • Mastering JEE Web Application Development (TT5100)
  • Angular 7 (ANGL7)
  • Introduction to R Programming (ACCEL-R-INTRO)
  • Introduction to R Programming for Programmers (ACCEL-R-PROG)
  • Advanced R Programming (ACCEL-R-ADV)
  • Introduction to the ELK Stack (ACCEL-ELK-INTRO)
  • Microservices Development Bootcamp with immersive project (using Spring Boot and Docker) Training (MS-BOOT)
  • Analyzing Big Data with R Programming (ACCEL-R-ABDP)
  • Introduction to Cassandra for Developers (ACCEL-CASS-INTRO)
  • Modern Web Service Design with REST, GraphQL, and Beyond (ACCEL-MWSD)
  • Comprehensive HTML5 Development (ACCEL-HTLM5-DEV)
  • Microservices Engineering Boot Camp (MICRO-ENGINEER-BC)
  • Introduction to React using JavaScript/ECMAScript (ACCEL-INTRO-REACT)
  • Introduction to React using TypeScript (ACCEL-INTRO-REACT-TYP)
  • Introduction to Redux for React using TypeScript (ACCEL-REDUX-REACT-TYP)
  • CSS Boot Camp (ACCEL-CSS-BOOT)
  • iOS 13 Development Using Swift 5 and Xcode 11 (ACCEL-iOS-13)
  • Introduction to Android Programming in Java (ACCEL-ANDROID-JAVA)
  • Comprehensive Vue (ACCEL-VUE)
  • Server-side JavaScript with Node.js and Express (ACCEL-JAVA-NODE)
  • Comprehensive Flutter (ACCEL-FLUTTER)
  • Microservices Architecture Training (ACCEL-MICRO-ARCH)
  • API Management Fundamentals for Architects (API-MGMT-FUND)
  • Working with Cassandra (for Developers) (TTDS6776)
  • Introduction to Programming & .Net Coding Basics for Non-Developers (TT-101-N)
  • Migrating Java 7 to Java 11 | Java 11 / 13 New Features and Skills (TT2134)
  • Developing Applications in C# .Net / .Net Core (Intermediate C#) | Patterns, Generics, Threading, Database, Entity Framework, UI & More (CSHARP-DEV)
  • Java Performance Tuning Workshop (JAV-401)
  • Java Concurrency (JAV-404)
  • Fundamentals of Web Development (1362)
  • JavaFX (JAVA-FX)
  • Selenium using Java and Cucumber (ACCEL-JAV-406)
  • Mastering Test Driven Development Using JUnit (TT3500)
  • Unit Testing Essentials using JUnit and EasyMock (TT3520)
  • Unit Testing Essentials using JUnit and Mockito (TT3525)
  • Implementing Agile Test-Driven Development for Non-Developers (TT3530)
  • Implementing Agile Test Driven Development for Java Developers (TT3535-J)
  • Implementing Agile Test Driven Development for .Net Developers (TT3535-N)
  • Understanding Agile Development – A Non-Technical Overview (TT3550)
  • Processing XML Using Java (JAXP) (TT-4360)
  • Mastering Web Development using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery (TT4600)
  • Mastering Struts 2.0 Developers Workshop (TT6242)
  • Java Programming for Server-Side (JEE) OO-Experienced Developers (C++, etc) (TT5140)
  • Service Oriented Architecture Analysis & Design (SOAD) (TT7100)
  • Mastering SOA and JEE Web Services (TT7150)
  • Core Web Services for JEE Developers (TT7300)
  • Mastering Java Web Services (TT7380)
  • Understanding Web Application Security: A Technical Overview (TT8020)
  • Secure Java Coding (TT8200-J)
  • Secure .Net Coding (TT8200-N)
  • Introduction to JavaScript | Modern JavaScript Essentials (TT4110)
  • Securing .Net Web Applications (TT8320-N)
  • Secure Java Web Application Development Lifecycle (SDL) (TT8325-J)
  • Java 7 and Patterns Foundations v1.0 (Spring Edition) (JAV-PATTERN-SPRING)
  • COBOL for BAs (COBOL-BA)
  • Enterprise COBOL Programming: Advanced (ENT-COBOL-ADV)
  • Understanding Web Application Development: A Technical Overview (WEB-APP-DEV)
  • Ruby on Rails (RUBY-RAILS)
  • Introduction to Perl Scripting (INTRO-PERL)
  • Mastering the Spring 3.0 Framework (TT3330-S3)
  • Testing Mobile Web Applications (TTR4890)
  • Mastering R for Data Scientists (TTC01S5-R)
  • Fast Track to Core Java 8 Programming for OO Experienced Developers (TT2101-J8)
  • Java Web Developer with Servlets, JSTL, XML, Web Services, Security & More (TT5180)
  • .Net Web Developer with C#, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, Debugging, and More (TTN-SC2175)
  • Introduction to Ruby Programming (TTE6450)
  • Java Web Developer for OO Programmers (JEE 7) (TT5140-JEE7)
  • Introduction to R for Data Scientists (TTCR01-DS3)
  • Mastering HTML5 Mobile Development (Android Development Edition) (TT4635)
  • Securing Java Web Services (TT8500-J )
  • Secure Software Design (TT8600 )
  • Introduction to C++ Programming (for C, COBOL Programmers) (TTE9700)
  • Advanced C++ Programming (TTE9755 )
  • Practical C++ Programming | Mastering C++ (TTE9750 )
  • Mastering C Programming (C-PROG)
  • Android Application Development (TTMG4690)
  • Advanced XML and XSLT (TT4320)
  • Working with AngularJS| Introduction to AngularJS (TTR4685)
  • Mastering AngularJS | Developing Rich Internet Applications (RIA) using AngularJS (TTR4688)
  • Perl Programming Essentials (TTPS4925 )
  • Advanced Perl Programming (TTPS4926)
  • Perl for System Administration (TTPS2647)
  • Applied Python for Scientists & Engineers (TTPS4870 )
  • Transitioning to Java 8 (TT2108)
  • Introduction to Java 8 Programming for Developers New to OO Programming (such as C, Mainframe, 4GL) (TT2120-J8)
  • Web Essentials: Bootstrap (TT4150)
  • Web Essentials: Introduction to HTML5, CSS3, and Responsive Design (TT4605)
  • Fast Track to Spring 4.2 (TT3328-S4)
  • Spring 4.2 and the Web | Covering Rich Interfaces, REST, Spring Security & More (TT3363-S4)
  • Advanced Java 8 Programming (TT3100-J8)
  • Spring 3.x Essentials (TT3328)
  • Java RESTful Service Essentials (TT7305)
  • Building Java EE Web Applications (TT5100-JEE7)
  • Spring 3.x and the Web (TT3363)
  • Mastering Spring 3.x and the Enterprise (TT3373)
  • Mastering Spring 4.2 (TT3330-S4)
  • Mastering Spring 4.2 and the Enterprise (TT3373-S4)
  • Working with Selenium | Selenium Web Testing (TTJ9323)
  • Mastering Hibernate 4.x | Applying Hibernate to Persistence in Java (TT3200)
  • Mastering jQuery (TT4665)
  • Web Essentials: Introduction to JQuery (TT4660)

Specialized Cloud Computing Training Courses

Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
  • Cloud Administrator (2018)
  • Cloud Service Manager (2014)

Specialized IT Support Training Courses

Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
  • HDI Desktop Support Manager (2540)
  • HDI Support Center Manager (2539)

Specialized Alta3 Training Courses

Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
  • Network Automation with Python and Ansible (ALTA3-PA)
  • 5G Essentials (ALTA3-5GE)
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