Blockchain Introduction and Architecture

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Blockchain is changing the landscape of software development. Traditional norms of envisioning and developing applications are rapidly changing. Blockchain is leading that charge. It is so much more than cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. The concept of an immutable digital ledger hosted by a decentralized application can be applied to real estate, medical, legal, and many other types of applications.

This class is your opportunity to understand the history and types of applications where Blockchain is the primary technology. Learn also the architecture of Blockchain, such the blocks, security, mining, and validation.

Skills Gained

Attendees will learn how to leverage Blockchain to create a variety of different solutions. Learn how to architect a Blockchain solution. You will understand how to create DAPPs and the importance of smart contracts in the programmable web.

Who Can Benefit

The audience for this class is anyone with an interest in Blockchain and understand the impact of the technology as the catalyst for emerging applications.


There is no prerequisite for this class; just an interest in this exciting new technology.

Course Details


1. Introduction to Blockchain

  • What is Blockchain
  • History
  • Decentralized applications
  • Public versus Private
  • Technology stack

2. Blockchain Applications

  • Real Estate
  • Legal
  • Automotive
  • Cloud Storage
  • Documents
  • And much more

3. Blockchain concepts

  • No central authority
  • Immutable
  • Secure
  • Transparent
  • Privacy
  • Scalable
  • Available

4. Blocks

  • What is a digital ledger
  • Forming a blockchain
  • Cryptography
  • Validation

5. Wallets

  • Digital keys
  • Deterministic versus Non-Deterministic
  • Mnemomic
  • Keys

6. Transactions

  • Transaction structures
  • Input transactions
  • Output transactions
  • Coinbase transactions

7. Miscellaneous

  • Double spending
  • Forks
  • Longest Valid Chain

8. Mining

  • Compensation
  • Transaction verification
  • Transaction pool
  • Block criteria

9. Blockchain 2.0

  • Smart contracts
  • Ethereum
  • Clients
  • DAPPs
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