Symantec IT Management Suite 8.1: Administration

The Symantec IT Management Suite 8.1 for Administrators course is designed for professionals tasked with using Symantec IT Management Suite (ITMS) to manage their software and hardware resources in...

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$4,500 USD GSA  $3,853.90
Course Code IT-MANAG-8-1
Duration 5 days
Available Formats Classroom
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The Symantec IT Management Suite 8.1 for Administrators course is designed for professionals tasked with using Symantec IT Management Suite (ITMS) to manage their software and hardware resources in their organizations. This five-day, instructor-led, hands-on course teaches students the underlying components and concepts of the Symantec Management Platform along with the Symantec Management Console that is used by ITMS to perform its management functions. Students learn how to use ITMS software solutions to collect inventory, manage their software, account for and track assets, apply software updates and to manage license compliance. Students also learn how to use the platform consoles and reports to analyze and monitor their environment.

Skills Gained

  • Discover and import computer and user resources that you want to manage
  • Gather hardware, software and operating system inventory
  • Remotely manage computers
  • Maintain a software repository
  • Deliver software to managed computers
  • Meter and track software on managed computers
  • Distribute software updates to managed computers
  • Establish and maintain relationships between assets
  • Employ contracts and procurement processes
  • Analyze gathered data using predefined & custom reports

Who Can Benefit

This course is for IT administrators who will be maintaining and installing software, taking inventory of computers, distributing software updates to computers, performing asset management functions or remotely managing computers using any of the following Symantec suites:

  • IT Management Suite 8.1
  • Client Management Suite 8.1
  • Asset Management Suite 8.1
  • Server Management Suite 8.1


You must have a basic understanding and working knowledge of Microsoft Windows (7, 8, 10, 2008, 2012) operating systems and optionally Linux and Mac operating systems.

Course Details

Lesson 1: Discovering Resources within the Environment

  • Introducing Resource Discovery
  • Using ITMS to Discover and Import Resources
  • Adding ITMS inventory to resources
  • Validating ITMS discovery processes

Lesson 2: Reducing Desk-side visits with Remote Support

  • Agent Health
  • Introducing Remote Access Connector
  • Overview of Real-time System Manager

Lesson 3: Effective Software Management

  • Software Management Overview
  • Discovering Software Information in the Environment
  • Developing the Software Catalog
  • Managing the Software Catalog
  • Efficient Software Distribution
  • Enforcing Software Use and Execution

Lesson 4: Improved Security Through Automated Patch Management

  • Patch Management Solution Overview
  • Using Patch Management Solution for Windows

Lesson 5: Identifying Relationships Between Assets

  • Asset Management Overview
  • Planning the Asset Management System
  • Preparing Resources
  • Populating Resources
  • Asset Automation & Maintenance
  • Reporting on Resources

Lesson 6: Understanding Software License Compliance

  • Software Asset Management Overview
  • Recording Software Licenses
  • Inventory of Software Installation and Usage
  • Comparing Licenses with Inventory
  • Remediation of Software License Discrepancies

Lesson 7: Business Analytics & Reporting

  • Introduction to reporting
  • Standard reporting
  • IT Analytics Reporting

Lesson 8: Managing Contracts

  • Working with Contracts
  • Working with Procurement
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