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Symantec Endpoint Protection 14:x Plan and Implement

Course Details
Code: SEP14-PI
Tuition (USD): $1,800.00 • Classroom (2 days)

The Symantec Endpoint Protection 14: Plan and Implement course is designed for the network, IT security, and systems administration professional in a Security Operations position tasked with planning and implementing a Symantec Endpoint Protection environment. This course covers how to architect and size a Symantec Endpoint Protection environment, install or upgrade the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM), benefit from a SEPM disaster recovery plan, and manage replication and failover. The class also covers how to deploy new endpoints and upgrade existing Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints.

Skills Gained

  • Architect a Symantec Endpoint Protection Environment
  • Prepare and deliver a successful Symantec Endpoint Installation
  • Build a Disaster Recovery plan to ensure successful SEPM backups and restores
  • Manage failover and replication
  • Deploy endpoint clients

Who Can Benefit

This course is for IT and system administration professionals who are charged with planning, installing, and upgrading a Symantec Endpoint Protection environment.


You must have a working knowledge of advanced computer terminology, including TCP/IP networking terms and Internet terms, and an administrator-level knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Course Details


  • Course environment
  • Lab environment

Preparing and Delivering a Successful Symantec Endpoint Protection Implementation

  • Architecting and Sizing the Symantec Endpoint Protection Environment
  • Installing the SEPM
  • Benefiting from a SEPM Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Managing Replication and Failover

Discovering Endpoint Client Implementation and Strategies

  • Implementing the Best Method to Deploy Windows, Mac, and Linux Endpoints
  • Migrating a SEP 12.1.6 client to SEP 14
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