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Administration Training Courses

ExitCertified has a variety of administration classes across a number of technologies. Whether it's linux admin training, sysadmin training, or operations training in products from traditional software vendors like IBM or Oracle, storage administration training from vendors like Veeam or Nutanix, or cloud administrator training for AWS, Azure, or GCP we have you covered.


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  • Management Empowered by mySAP ERP Human Capital Management (Course)

    Course Code: ERP030-E-v052
    Skills Gained Identify how critical management business challenges facing today's Business Manager are addressed and supported by mySAP ERP Human Capital Management. Identify the capabilities,...
  • SAP - Analytics & Reporting in Management Accounting (Course)

    Course Code: AC680E-E-v082
    Skills Gained Understand the business background the typical questions a cost accoun Understand the different reporting tools provided by SAP system Understand how to use the delivered business...
  • SAP Bank Communication Management (Course)

    Course Code: FSC130-v098
    Skills Gained Understand the concept of SAP Bank Communication Management, get an overview of the SAP Integration Package for SWIFT and become familiar with business processes and configuration. Who...
  • Business Processes in SAP Real Estate Management (Course)

    Course Code: RE010-v098
    Skills Gained The participants become familiar with real estate processes in SAP, receive an overview of all SAP solutions involved in mapping the real estate processes, and learn to use basic real...
  • SAP - Business Processes in Management Accounting (Course)

    Course Code: AC040-v015
    Skills Gained Outline business concepts and methods involved in Management Accounting in the SAP system Perform Planning and outline Integrated Planning in Management Accounting Perform daily Postings...
  • SAP - Cash Management (Course)

    Course Code: AC805-v098
    Skills Gained Course participants learn the functions of cash management and the short and medium-term liquidity monitoring. Long-term financial budgeting is not covered in this course. Learn how to...
  • SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management (LMS) Administration - Working Smarter Virtual Class (Course)

    Course Code: HR869V-v041
    Skills Gained Upon completion of this course, the learner will be able to:    -Identify features of SAP SuccessFactors Learning    -Navigate and use the search functions...
  • SAP - Analytics in Enterprise Asset Management (Course)

    Course Code: PLM318-v015
    Skills Gained Describe key elements of reporting in Enterprise Asset Management Run technical and controlling-specific reports relevant to Enterprise Asset Management Who Can Benefit Application...
  • SAP - Business Processes in Life-Cycle Data Management (Course)

    Course Code: PLM100-v015
    Skills Gained Participants obtain an overview of the Life-Cycle Data Management areas Who Can Benefit Application Consultant Business Process Architect Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User...
  • SAP - Device Management (Course)

    Course Code: IUT220-v098
    Skills Gained Participants familiarize themselves with the basic principles of device management and the conversion of related key business processes in IS-U/CCS, as well as the interfaces of standard...
  • SAP - Student Lifecycle Management: Student Accounting (Course)

    Course Code: IHE203-v098
    Skills Gained Participants will gain an overview of the structures and processes in Student Accounting (fee calculation, fee collection). After completing this course, participants will be able to...
  • SAP - Quality Management in Logistics (Course)

    Course Code: PLM415-v098
    Skills Gained Participants learn about the integration of Quality Management into the processes of procurement, inventory management and sales processes. In particular, they learn which of the QM...
  • SAP - Inventory Management and Physical Inventory (Course)

    Course Code: SCM510-v015
    Skills Gained Teach participants the basic functions of inventory management and physical inventory, and how to create different goods movements in the SAP system. Familiarize participants with the...
  • SAP - Cross-Functional Customizing in Materials Management (Course)

    Course Code: SCM550-v015
    Skills Gained Make selected configurations for the implementation of the Materials Management component of the SAP system Who Can Benefit Application Consultant Business Process Architect Business...
  • SAP - Handling Unit Management (Course)

    Course Code: SCM660-v098
    Skills Gained In this course, participants will gain an overview of the functions in Handling Unit Management Participants become familiar with the Customizing settings for Handling Unit Management...
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