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Cloud Training Courses

Cloud technologies have transformed how organizations procure and manage infrastructure. ExitCertified has partnered with all of the major players in public cloud training, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), IBM, and Oracle. We also support private and hybrid cloud training on tools and frameworks like VMware, Cloud Foundry, OpenShift, and OpenStack.

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Cloud Computing Solutions for Organizations and Individuals

Public cloud providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud enable organizations to move away from running their own IT infrastructure in on-premise datacenters. There are many benefits of the cloud including cost savings, scalability, and access to data centers around the world. Your organization will lower overall costs by trading large capital expenditures on building and populating datacenters, for a monthly operating expense. The massive economies of scale that public cloud providers achieve enable you to scale, nearly without limits and eliminate the cost of idle equipment so you can provision resources only when needed. By gaining instant access to cloud provider data centers around the world, you’ll have the flexibility to store data where you need it. Consider a cloud computing solution for your organization and learn more about the major vendors below.

How to Learn Cloud Computing

ExitCertified has partnered with over 25 major technology brands, including the big three cloud providers. Wherever you are in your journey to the cloud, you can find authorized courses to help out. Check out the following vendor-specific training options:

In addition to AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, ExitCertified also has courses on cloud frameworks from IBM, Oracle, VMware, Red Hat, Pivotal, and a variety of other partners. Use the search below to find a specific tool or framework.


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  • Essentials for Getting Started

    AWS Technical Essentials (Course)


    AWS Technical Essentials introduces you to AWS products, services, and common solutions. It provides you with fundamentals to become more proficient in identifying AWS services so that you can make...

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  • Developer

    Developing on AWS (Course)


    In this course, you learn how to use the AWS SDK to develop secure and scalable cloud applications. Explore how to interact with AWS using code and also learn about key concepts, best practices, and...

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  • Architect

    Architecting on AWS (Course)


    Architecting on AWS covers the fundamentals of building IT infrastructure on AWS. The course is designed to teach solutions architects how to optimize the use of the AWS Cloud by understanding AWS...

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  • DevOps

    DevOps Engineering on AWS (Course)


    DevOps Engineering on AWS demonstrates how to use the most common DevOps patterns to develop, deploy, and maintain applications on AWS. The course covers the core principles of the DevOps methodology...

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  • Exam Vouchers

    AWS Certified Associate Exam Voucher (Course)


    This exam voucher is redeemable for any of the following AWS Certified Associate exams: AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate This certification validates your ability to effectively...

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  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    AWS - Practical Data Science with Amazon SageMaker (Course)


    In this intermediate-level course, individuals learn how to solve a real-world use case with Machine Learning (ML) and produce actionable results using Amazon SageMaker. This course walks through the...

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  • Developer

    Advanced Developing on AWS (Course)


    The Advanced Developing on AWS course uses the real-world scenario of taking a legacy, on-premises monolithic application and refactoring it into a serverless microservices architecture. This...

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  • Architect

    Architecting on AWS Accelerator (Course)


    This course combines Architecting on AWS and Advanced Architecting on AWS to offer a comprehensive, immersive course in cloud architecture. It covers all aspects of how to architect for the cloud over...

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  • Architect

    Planning and Designing Databases on AWS (Course)


    In this course, you will learn about the process of planning and designing both relational and nonrelational databases. You will learn the design considerations for hosting databases on Amazon Elastic...

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  • Essentials for Getting Started

    AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials (Course)


    The fundamental-level full day course is intended for individuals who seek an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud, independent of specific technical roles. It provides a detailed overview of cloud...

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  • Security

    AWS Security Essentials (Course)


    This course covers fundamental AWS cloud security concepts, including AWS access control, data encryption methods, and how network access to your AWS infrastructure can be secured. Based on the AWS...

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  • AWS

    Complimentary AWS Fundamentals Resources Bundle (Course)


    AWS fundamentals videos will help you get started with the cloud, understanding some of the fundamental services and the ways in which you can interact with AWS. This bundle includes the following...

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  • Essentials for Getting Started

    AWS Discovery Day (Course)


    This course is designed to teach business leaders and IT technical professionals the benefits of computing in the AWS Cloud. This course covers AWS services for computing, storage, database...

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  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    The Machine Learning Pipeline on AWS (Course)


    Learn how to use the machine learning (ML) pipeline with Amazon SageMaker with hands-on exercises and four days of instruction. You will learn how to frame your business problems as ML problems and...

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  • Architect

    AWS Cloud Financial Management for Builders (Course)


    This course is for individuals who seek an understanding of how to manage, optimise, and predict costs as you run workloads on AWS. You learn how to implement architectural best practices, explore...

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