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Veritas NetBackup Appliances 3.1.2: Configuration and Management

  • Tuition USD $2,400 GSA  $2,055.42
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  • Course Code NBUA-3-1-2-CM
  • Duration 3 days
  • Available Formats Classroom

The Veritas NetBackup Appliances 3.1.2: Configuration and Management course is designed for the IT Professional who is new to appliances and is responsible for configuring the 5330 and 5240 appliances, performing appliance maintenance tasks, operating and managing the appliance and troubleshooting the appliance. This course covers how to configure the appliances and add storage to the appliances. You learn how the appliances easily integrate into the NetBackup environment and how to run backups and restores. You learn the basics of resolving appliance issues and maintaining the appliances. In addition, you learn about reconfiguring the appliances. You also learn how to configure and maintain CloudCatalyst 5240 and finally you learn how to deploy a Virtual Appliance.

Skills Gained

By the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe key components of the NetBackup Appliances hardware and software.
  • Configure the NetBackup Appliance.
  • Integrate appliances into the NetBackup environment, run backups and restores.
  • Resolve appliance issues with troubleshooting tools.
  • Monitor appliance health.
  • Update appliance software.
  • Maintain the appliances.
  • Reconfigure the appliances.
  • Configure and maintain CloudCatalyst.
  • Deploying Virtual Appliances.

Who Can Benefit

This course is for customers and partners new to appliances and front-line technical support personnel who are responsible for configuring the 5330 and 5240 appliances, performing appliance maintenance tasks, operating and managing the appliance and troubleshooting the appliance.


You must have working knowledge of Veritas NetBackup. It would be beneficial to have some knowledge about Veritas NetBackup Appliances, networking, and storage concepts

Course Details


This course includes practical hands-on lab exercises that enable you to test your new skills and begin to transfer them into your working environment. It also includes simulations, demonstrations and videos as part of the lab work.

Course Outline

Introduction and Overview

  • NetBackup Appliance models and their major features.
  • NetBackup Appliance software releases and interfaces.
  • Hardware components and configuration options of the appliance compute units and storage shelves.

Appliance Configuration

  • Pre-configuration checklist and configuration tasks using Veritas Remote Management.
  • Using the Appliance Web Console for initial appliance configuration.
  • Local configuration tasks using the Appliance Web Console and the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu (CLISH).
  • Remote configuration tasks using the Veritas Remote Management (VRM) console.
  • Validate the appliance configuration.


  • Exercise A: NetBackup 3.1.2 lab environment
  • Exercise B: Configuring a master server Appliance
  • Exercise C: Adding a 5330 media server appliance to a master
  • Exercise D: Configuring a 5330 media server Appliance
  • Exercise E: Verifying the configuration
  • Exercise F: Launching the NetBackup Administration Console
  • Exercise G: Viewing software emails

Appliance Operations

  • Appliance functionality differences and common NetBackup appliance features.
  • Run reports from the NetBackup and Appliance interfaces, showing backup activity on the appliance.
  • Configure Universal and Oracle Copilot shares on an appliance.


  • Exercise A: Appliance Shell Menu storage information
  • Exercise B: Resizing storage
  • Exercise C: Configuring policies to use Advanced Disk storage
  • Exercise D: Performing Manual backups to storage
  • Exercise E: Viewing the disk pool information
  • Exercise F: NetBackup storage email alerts
  • Exercise G: Running Deduplication Reports in OpsCenter (optional)

Appliance Troubleshooting and Tools

  • Online resources for troubleshooting the appliance.
  • Troubleshooting using the indicators, lights and LEDs.
  • Locate and resolve common hardware faults.


  • Exercise A: Appliance Shell Support Menu Troubleshooting Commands
  • •Exercise B: Viewing Log Files Using the Support > Logs Command

Monitoring Appliance Health

  • Monitor appliance health using the OpsCenter interface.
  • Monitor appliance health using the Appliance Web Console and the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu (CLISH).
  • Monitor and remotely manage the appliance using the Veritas Remote Management console.

Updating Appliance Software

  • Overview for the upgrade process to 3.1.2.
  • Upgrade the software version of a NetBackup appliance.
  • Architecture and functionality of the Appliance Management Console.
  • Configure Appliance Management Servers and Appliance Management Agents.
  • Manage the Repository and install EEB’s and upgrades.


  • Exercise A: Configuring an appliance as an Appliance Management Server (AMS)
  • Exercise B: Configuring an appliance as an Appliance Management Agent (AMA)
  • Exercise C: Managing appliances from the Appliance Management Console (AMC)

Maintenance Tasks

  • Managing AutoSupport alerts.
  • Set a Login Banner on a NetBackup appliance.
  • Configure a NetBackup CLI User.
  • Configure LDAP and Active Directory Authentication.
  • Add or remove a storage shelf to the appliance.
  • Configure and monitor appliance security.
  • Describe how to configure SAN Client and Fibre channel replication.


  • Exercise A: NetBackup CLI administrative users
  • Exercise B: An introduction to the NetBackup command line shell
  • Exercise C: Viewing SDCS audit logs
  • Exercise D: Creating a Login Banner

Reconfiguring an Appliance

  • Provide an overview of resetting an appliance.
  • Identify the process for reimaging the appliance.
  • Describe how to migrate to a new appliance.
  • Describe how to decommission an appliance.


  • Exercise A: Exercise A: Performing a NetBackup Manual Backup
  • Exercise B: Configuring Data Migration
  • Exercise C: Viewing Migration Task Status
  • Exercise D: Viewing Data Migration Results

CloudCatalyst 5240

  • Describe the new NetBackup CloudCatalyst Appliance.
  • Configure a CloudCatalyst Appliance.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot a CloudCatalyst appliance.


  • Exercise A: Configuring a CloudCatalyst 5240 storage server
  • Exercise B: Perform duplication and backup operations to CloudCatalyst

Virtual Appliances

  • Basic features and use cases for the NetBackup Virtual Appliances.
  • Differences between NetBackup Virtual Appliances and NetBackup physical appliances.
  • Deployment and configuration of a NetBackup Virtual Appliance.
  • Steps for deploying a NetBackup Virtual Appliance.
  • NetBackup Virtual Appliance configuration process.
  • Identify additional configuration tasks.

When does class start/end?

Classes begin promptly at 9:00 am, and typically end at 5:00 pm.

Does the course schedule include a Lunchbreak?

Lunch is normally an hour long and begins at noon. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and juice are available all day in the kitchen. Fruit, muffins and bagels are served each morning. There are numerous restaurants near each of our centers, and some popular ones are indicated on the Area Map in the Student Welcome Handbooks - these can be picked up in the lobby or requested from one of our ExitCertified staff.

How can someone reach me during class?

If someone should need to contact you while you are in class, please have them call the center telephone number and leave a message with the receptionist.

What languages are used to deliver training?

Most courses are conducted in English, unless otherwise specified. Some courses will have the word "FRENCH" marked in red beside the scheduled date(s) indicating the language of instruction.

What does GTR stand for?

GTR stands for Guaranteed to Run; if you see a course with this status, it means this event is confirmed to run. View our GTR page to see our full list of Guaranteed to Run courses.

Does ExitCertified deliver group training?

Yes, we provide training for groups, individuals and private on sites. View our group training page for more information.

Does ExitCertified deliver group training?

Yes, we provide training for groups, individuals, and private on sites. View our group training page for more information.

Exit certified is a great learning facility that I would definitely recommend to up and coming movers in the IT business and also to the more seniors work force.

Virtual delivery and coordination of the course was great. It had to be rescheduled several times by ExitCertified was always on top of things.

Learnt new things on AWS DEVOPS side from Tutor Ryan. Happy that he was able to assist on our questions.

Craig Cory was well versed in the material presented. All classes began on time and the breaks were very timely. A lot of material to cover however sufficient time was given for the hands on labs.

I like the instructor teaching method and well preparedness for the course.

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