Veritas Access 7.2: Administration

The Veritas Access 7.2: Administration course is designed for the IT professional tasked with installing, configuring, and maintaining Veritas Access environments. Veritas Access is a software-only,...

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Course Code VA-7-2-ADMIN
Duration 5 days
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The Veritas Access 7.2: Administration course is designed for the IT professional tasked with installing, configuring, and maintaining Veritas Access environments. Veritas Access is a software-only, scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) solution for unstructured data that can be installed on any x86 commodity server and can provide access to storage via multiple network protocols for on-premises and cloud ecosystems. This course covers how to use Veritas Access to manage storage, file systems, and shares using the Veritas Access Command Line Interface and web-based GUI. You will learn the basics of file system and file share administration. In addition, you learn about the different file sharing protocols supported in Veritas Access, such as NFS, CIFS, and S3. In this course you will configure cloud-based storage as a secondary tier in Veritas Access. You also learn how to integrate Veritas Access as Long Term Retention (LTR) storage for NetBackup.

Skills Gained

  • Describe the high-level architecture, and deployment considerations of Veritas Access
  • Configure authentication services in Veritas Access
  • Describe the wide variety of commodity storage (DAS/SAN/iSCSI/Cloud) that can be provisioned for use by Veritas Access
  • Create and maintain file systems
  • Configure Veritas Access shares (NFS/CIFS/S3)
  • Configure and administer storage tiers for file systems in Veritas Access
  • Create a ScaleOut File System
  • Configure and administer the cloud storage tier for ScaleOut File System
  • Configure and use the NetBackup client to perform backups and restores of Veritas Access shares
  • Configure Veritas Access as local NetBackup LTR storage with optional migration to Cloud

Who Can Benefit

This course is for UNIX/Linux system administrators, system engineers, technical support personnel, network/SAN administrators, and systems integration/development staff, who will be installing, operating, or integrating Veritas Access.


You must have working knowledge of advanced computer terminology, including TCP/IP networking and Internet concepts, and an administrator-level knowledge of RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.6/6.7/6.8. Knowledge of using Microsoft Windows 2003/2008/2012 operating systems is a plus.

Course Details

Introducing Veritas Access

  • Use cases
  • Technical benefits

Architecture and Installation

  • Overview of Veritas Access architecture
  • Installation pre-requirements
  • Installing Veritas Access
  • Veritas Access users and roles
  • User interfaces

Configuring Authentication Services

  • Introducing authentication services
  • Configuring LDAP server settings
  • Configuring the NIS-related settings
  • Configuring NSS lookup order
  • Configuring authentication for NFS shares
  • Configuring authentication for CIFS shares

Storage Provisioning

  • Overview of storage provisioning in Access
  • Storage architecture
  • Storage provisioning internals
  • Performing storage discovery
  • Storage pools
  • Flexible Storage Sharing
  • Using iSCSI disks
  • Performing disk management operations
  • SmartIO for SSDs
  • Configuring authentication for CIFS shares

Creating and Maintaining File Systems

  • File system internals
  • Creating, modifying, and deleting a filesystem
  • Upgrading disk layout versions
  • Checking and repairing a file system
  • Deduplicating data
  • Compressing files
  • Creating snapshots
  • Setting Veritas Access Replication

Configuring Access Shares

  • Introducing file sharing protocols
  • Using Veritas Access as an NFS server
  • Creating and maintaining NFS shares
  • Using Veritas Access as a CIFS server
  • Creating and maintaining CIFS shares
  • Using Veritas Access as a S3 server
  • Creating and maintaining S3 shares
  • Using policies

SmartTier for On-premise Storage Tiering

  • Overview of the SmartTier solution
  • Adding tiers to a file system
  • Administering storage tiers using SmartTier
  • Configuring policies for a tiered file system
  • Configuring schedules for a tiered file system

ScaleOut File System

  • Overview of ScaleOut FS
  • Specifications of ScaleOut FS
  • ScaleOut FS Architecture
  • Creating a ScaleOut FS

Cloud as a Tier for ScaleOut FS

  • Cloud Tiering overview
  • Basic architecture
  • Detailed architecture
  • Cloud as a tier in AWS
  • Veritas Access as an Object S3 target
  • Moving files between tiers
  • Data movement policies for scale-out file systems
  • Monitoring data usage in the cloud tier
  • Support for Amazon Glacier

NetBackup Integration

  • NetBackup and Access integration overview
  • NetBackup workflow
  • NetBackup Client integration
  • SAN-based backup
  • Prerequisites of NetBackup-Access integration
  • Configuring Veritas Access for NetBackup
  • Monitoring and managing NetBackup Client
  • Backup and restore over NetBackup SAN client
  • Uninstalling and installing NetBackup Client
  • Long term retention (LTR) with NetBackup
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