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  • Linux Foundation Topic: Kubernetes | Code: LFS258

    Linux Foundation - Kubernetes Fundamentals (Course)


    This course will teach you how to use the container management platform used by companies like Google to manage their application infrastructure. This course is designed to work with a wide range of...

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  • Cloud Native Topic: Kubernetes | Code: CN320

    Mirantis - Advanced Kubernetes Operations (Course)


    In this course, operations staff will learn many of the tools and patterns needed to run a Kubernetes cluster in production. This course is targeted at advanced Kubernetes users tasked with...

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  • Cloud Native Topic: Kubernetes | Code: CN212

    Mirantis - Kubernetes Engine (MKE) (Course)


    In this product-focused course, you'll deep dive into all the features of Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, and discover how it simplifies, secures and accelerates Kubernetes and Swarm cluster management...

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  • Cloud Native Topic: Kubernetes | Code: CN230

    Mirantis - Kubernetes Native Application Development (Course)


    In this course, developers will learn how to build containerized applications targeted for enterprise-grade production environments. You'll explore patterns in containerized application...

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  • Cloud Native Topic: Cloud Security | Code: CN330

    Mirantis - Advanced Kubernetes Security (Course)


    Advanced Kubernetes Security course focuses on developing the skills and knowledge needed for implementing security measures from code to a production Kubernetes cluster. Students will engage in...

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