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  • Developer Topic: Public Cloud | Code: AWS-DEV

    Developing on AWS (Course)


    This course teaches experienced developers how to programmatically interact with AWS services to build web solutions. It guides you through a high-level architectural discussion on resource selection...

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  • Project Management Topic: Programming | Code: 2813

    Business Skills - Program Management (Program Mgmt) (Course)


    This course is designed for anyone involved in the development and execution of organizational strategy. It is for program managers as well as people whose role interacts with programs, including...

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  • Programming Topic: Programming | Code: RUST-PROGRAM

    RUST Programming (Course)


    Rust is a modern systems programming language with the benefits of both a native and managed programming approach. In class, learn the standard features and the programming style of Rust. In addition,...

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  • Programming Topic: Programming | Code: 55337

    Microsoft - Introduction to Programming (Course)


    55337AC is the equivalent of the retired MOC Course 10975AC - Introduction to Programming.This course is intended for anyone who is new to software development and wants, or needs, to gain an...

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  • Programming Topic: Programming | Code: 55339

    Microsoft - Programming in C# (Course)


    55339A is the equivalent of the retired MOC Course 20483CC - Programming in C#. This five- day training course teaches developers the programming skills that are required to create applications using...

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  • Data Analytics & AI Topic: Programming | Code: CPLUS-PROG

    Microsoft - C++ Programming (Course)


    The C++ Programming course is a comprehensive discussion of the language. The class introduces the core concepts of the language: language syntax, data types, transfer of control, and functions....

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  • Programming Topic: Programming | Code: ENT-COBOL-ADV

    Enterprise COBOL Programming: Advanced (Course)


    This is the third course of a multi-part series that teaches the basics of Enterprise COBOL application development. It focuses on multi-module programs using CALL and LINKAGE SECTION, internal SORT,...

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  • System i Topic: Programming | Code: OL20G

    Control Language Programming Workshop for IBM i (Course)


    Learn to write easy to use and efficient control language (CL) programs which may be used to perform a variety of system and application control functions. You are taught to write basic and...

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  • Wireless Networking Topic: Networking | Code: PRNE 1.0

    Cisco - Programming for Network Engineers (Course)

    PRNE 1.0

    This is a self - study technical course designed to be of immediate value to Network Engineers looking to use Network Programming to simplify or automate their tasks. It covers the fundamentals of...

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  • IMS Topic: Programming | Code: CM17G

    IBM - IMS Database Application Programming (Course)


    Learn how to write application programs that use Data Language One (DL/I) to process Information Management System (IMS) databases. Skills Gained Describe the basic differences between files and IMS...

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