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  • Programming Topic: Programming | Code: ACCEL-GO-INTRO

    Introduction to Go Programming (Course)


    Go (often referred to as "Golang") is a powerful programming language originally designed by engineers at Google. Accelebrate's Introduction to Go Programming class teaches experienced programmers...

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  • Programming Topic: Programming | Code: ACCEL-R-INTRO

    Introduction to R Programming (Course)


    Accelebrate's Introduction to R Programming training course teaches attendees how to use R programming to explore data from a variety of sources by building inferential models and generating charts,...

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  • Programming Topic: Spring | Code: TT3355

    Programming - Introduction to Reactive Spring (Course)


    Reactive Spring focuses on providing an understanding of the fundamental principles and technologies that are used in reactive programming. This understanding is critical to being able to diagnose,...

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  • Programming ABAP Topic: Programming | Code: BC414-v018

    SAP - Programming Database Updates (Course)


    Skills Gained This course will prepare you to:    -The course explains techniques for programming change transactions in the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP environment. Who Can...

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  • Programming Topic: Programming | Code: ACCEL-FLUTTER

    Programming - Comprehensive Flutter (Course)


    Accelebrate's Comprehensive Flutter training teaches the hands-on programming skills needed to successfully build basic and robust Flutter applications. Attendees start out by learning how to use...

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  • z/OS (Operators, Engineers, Security, Cloud) Topic: Programming | Code: ES52G

    IBM - z/OS REXX Programming Workshop (Course)


    This course is designed to teach you the basic skills required to write programs using the REXX language in z/OS. The course covers the TSO extensions to REXX and interaction with other environments...

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  • System i Topic: Programming | Code: AS10G

    RPG IV Programming Advanced Workshop for IBM i (Course)


    This course teaches additional skills and techniques to programmers who can already write comprehensive RPG IV programs. This class offers a comprehensive discussion of some of the advanced features...

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  • System i Topic: Programming | Code: AS06G

    RPG IV Programming Fundamentals Workshop for IBM i (Course)


    Course RPG IV Programming Fundamentals Workshop for IBM i (AS06G) teaches the basics of the IBM i RPG IV programming language. It is the first of two courses that should be attended in sequence. This...

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  • Programming Topic: Python | Code: ADV-PYTH

    Programming - Advanced Python (Course)


    The Python language has been emerging as a very powerful, flexible, but easy to use programming tool for building all manner of applications. If you have learned the basics of the language, then this...

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  • Java (EE/SE/ME) Topic: Java | Code: D102474GC10

    Oracle - Java SE: Programming II (Course)


    This is a second-level course for programmers learning the Java language. It rounds-out the topics that were taught in the previous course, Java SE: Programming I, and provides additional key skills...

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  • Programming Topic: Programming | Code: FLUTTER

    Programming - Working with Flutter (Course)


    Flutter is Google's open source framework for creating mobile apps that run natively on iOS and Android phones as well as on the web. Sure, app development has been around for years. But until...

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  • Programming Topic: Java | Code: JAV-402

    Programming - The Java Specialist Master Course (Course)


    During this 4-day course, you will study over 1000 slides of advanced Java topics. Each major section is followed by practical hands-on exercises to apply what you have learned. Even the most...

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  • Human Capital Management (HCM) Topic: ERP/CRM | Code: HR350-v098

    Programming in SAP HCM (Course)


    Skills Gained Program HCM reports using logical databases and HCM-specific statements Enhance infotypes and create customer-specific infotypes Create subroutines for use in dynamic actions Who Can...

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  • Programming Topic: Testing | Code: INNO-UTG

    Programming - Unit Testing with Go (Course)


    Unit Testing with Go

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