Large-Scale Enterprise Training Simplified [Case Study]

Training at all levels to enable a digital transformation

The Situation

As part of its enterprise-wide digital transformation, a multinational organization specializing in healthcare, manufacturing and consumer goods was planning to migrate its operations to a leading platform-as-a-service (PaaS). Within a six-month schedule, the company needed to carry out a live training program for 1,200 employees throughout North America and Asia. In addition to accommodating a tight schedule and large number of learners, the training needed to provide certified instructors and vendor-approved content to cover all levels of expertise, from foundational skills to advanced specializations. With these considerations in mind, the leadership chose to entrust the full assignment to ExitCertified.

Quick Facts

Industry information

  •  Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer goods

Firmographic information

  • Multinational conglomerate 


  • Cloud training for 1,200 personnel

Services provided

  • Enterprise-wide assessment of learning needs 
  • Cloud training from introductory to advanced levels 
  • Live Virtual training throughout North America and Asia

Outcomes achieved

  • Time-sensitive training planned and delivered seamlessly
  • Ongoing training from experienced career instructors

The Solution

ExitCertified began by assessing learning needs within the company’s organization. Results from this assessment enabled ExitCertified to develop a recommended program of learning paths for each role and skill level within the company. 

The company’s personnel were trained by ExitCertified’s career instructors, who have — on average — 27 years’ IT experience and 17 years of tenure with ExitCertified. With deep roots in the IT industry, ExitCertified instructors have expertise in not only new technology, but in legacy systems as well. Thanks to vendor-approved courses and trainers with a single-minded passion for teaching, ExitCertified has earned a 97% customer satisfaction rating. 

To provide live, interactive training in multiple time zones for learners across North America and Asia, ExitCertified used its exclusive Live Virtual training, which delivers a high-definition video and audio experience with real-time dedicated technical support.

With ExitCertified, enterprise has the flexibility to respond immediately to whatever training needs arise. For example, a program might start out with a focus on content from original equipment manufacturers. But if a need emerges for multivendor or open-source instruction, we have the appropriate courses ready to go.

The Outcome

The company continues to rely on ExitCertified for training that’s equal in quality to its products and services to ensure its personnel receive the professional, up-to-date training needed to achieve digital transformation.