Training in Multiple Cloud Technologies [Case Study]

How flexible training made hundreds of personnel more cloud-ready

The situation

A leading financial services company wanted to give its retail banking operation more of the benefits and cost savings that come with doing business in the cloud. Like many organizations in financial services, this enterprise had initially been cautious in its embrace of the cloud, but when the business case for the cloud became indisputable, the company had to move quickly to catch up to the best available technology — pushing them to commit to executing two major initiatives in a very short time frame.

The bank recognized the need to migrate from a large enterprise-class platform-as-a-service to a Kubernetes-based solution. At the same time as this migration, the organization was also in the process of moving from an internal cloud to the public cloud. With these two major transitions, hundreds of developers, managers and administrators suddenly needed improved expertise in cloud and microservices.

Quick Facts

Industry information

  • Retail banking

Firmographic information

  • North American financial services company


  • Training relevant and adjacent to two major transitions
  • Completion of training in an expedited timeframe

Services provided

  • SME consultation
  • Training for hundreds of bank personnel
  • Standard virtual courses where appropriate
  • Customized private training where needed

Outcomes achieved

  • Easily administered training across multiple courses
  • New assignments being planned with the customer

The solution

The company had a long, successful history with ExitCertified, and immediately asked the IT training provider for help in managing the assignment. The company preferred a virtual training delivery format, and ExitCertified had the vendor-approved content ready to go in no time. Additionally, where necessary, ExitCertified supplemented these virtual courses with customized in-person training.

“In retail banking, the public’s confidence is everything,” says Myles Brown, senior cloud and DevOps advisor, ExitCertified. “We designed a training program that helped our customer’s team execute flawlessly.”

In retail banking, the public’s confidence is everything. We designed a training program that helped our customer’s team execute flawlessly.

The outcome

By choosing ExitCertified as its single-source training provider, the customer succeeded in the daunting challenge of upskilling its IT professionals across a range of cloud and microservices competencies within an expedited timeframe. On the strength of this and other accomplishments, ExitCertified continues to support this financial company across the enterprise, regularly planning new training assignments.

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