Training to Enable Digital Transformation [Case Study] 

Training to Enable Digital Transformation case study

Customized Azure courses for a range of roles — from engineering to product management

The Situation

A specialized provider of cloud platforms for medical data sought help in completing its digital transformation. The company needed a full suite of Azure courses for personnel in a range of both technical and non-technical roles. The timing was tight, as training would have to begin within days. And, since the company dealt with confidential medical information, the training provider would need to be fully conversant with the requirements of HIPAA legislation.

To overcome these challenges, this customer needed a training partner with proven expertise and a global presence. They chose the award-winning training and education services from ExitCertified.

Quick Facts

Industry information

  • Healthcare

Firmographic information

  • A provider of cloud-based platforms for analyzing medical data


  • Time-sensitive training in Azure for personnel in a variety of roles

Services provided

  • A full assessment of learning needs
  • Azure training from introductory to advanced levels
  • Live Virtual training with a dedicated production team

Outcomes achieved

  • Time-sensitive training planned and delivered seamlessly
  • Full compliance with HIPAA regulations
  • A learner rating of 4.98 out of 5

The Solution

The company partnered with ExitCertified, and planning began with an assessment of personnel knowledge gaps at every level of the company’s training cohort. ExitCertified mapped out individual learning plans to cover Azure fundamentals for decision makers, as well as more advanced instruction for developers and architects. Additionally, ExitCertified’s large staff of career instructors helped answer the company’s call for a training provider with a deep understanding of HIPAA. The company chose to take advantage of ExitCertified’s exclusive Live Virtual online learning platform. Through Live Virtual's high-definition audio and video streaming, learners were able to receive the individual attention they needed, along with valuable interactions with their classmates. A dedicated production team supported the virtual classroom throughout the session, ensuring a consistent and connected learning experience.

Even during the classes and between the classes, [our employees] were able to change some of their designs and code based on what they have learned. They shared this experience with [the instructor], and they told her that the knowledge they gained throughout the class made a big impact on their cloud migration.

The Outcome

This company’s Azure training program was a complete success, with learners giving ExitCertifed an average rating of 4.98 out of 5 as an overall end-of-class feedback score. One learner described their ExitCertifed instructor as “amazing! [She] went through all the topics in detail and covered all the necessary aspects and best practices for Azure. Also, she went a mile ahead to provide context with our on-prem architecture.” Another learner praised the instructor for having made the 45-hour investment “a very fun and informative experience. There weren’t any questions that didn’t get answered.”