Live Virtual Learners: Engaged, Highly Satisfied And Equipped With Knowledge They Retain [Datasheet]

Today, every credible training provider offers live virtual training in addition to the in-person classroom experience. But delivering the content is only half the battle. How can you be sure the virtual delivery will be engaging in the moment and that you’ll remember it once the course is over? The question is answered by the platform itself. Live Virtual gives you the assurance of a high-definition virtual experience that is specifically designed to maximize learner engagement and knowledge retention. Live Virtual is designed to help learners forget about the technology and focus on the course. Each student receives a high-definition webcam and audio headset to ensure the best possible experience. The result? In the past year, Live Virtual students have logged over 277,500 hours on the platform. Plus, the students who use these video tools have reported outstanding satisfaction with their training — giving Live Virtual an average rating of 4.79 out of 5.* Read this datasheet to learn more about the benefits of Live Virtual.