VMware Certification Tracks [Learning Path] 

Download the VMware Data Center Virtualization (DCV), Network Virtualization (NV), Cloud Management and Automation (CMA), Security (SEC), Digital Workspace (DW), Application Modernization (AM) Certification Paths.

ExitCertified offers training courses for six VMware certification paths. They are as follows:

VMware Data Center Virtualization

This certification path is designed for individuals who specialize or wish to specialize in the management and administration of VMware vSphere environments, which are used for network virtualization and data center virtualization. VMware Data Center Virtualization, primarily represented by VMware vSphere, is used to optimize resource utilization, enhance server and application availability, improve security, simplify management, and support various workloads in data center environments. It has become a fundamental technology in modern IT infrastructure, providing agility and efficiency to organizations of all sizes. 

There are four levels to the VMware Data Center Virtualization certification, which is also often thought of as a VMware vSphere certification. The certification path, in a straightforward way, is the VCTA (Technical Associate), VCP (Professional), VCAP Design (Advanced Professional), VCAP Deploy (Advanced Professional Part II), and the final certification, VDCX (Design Expert). 

VMware Cloud Management and Automation

This certification path deals primarily with the VMware Aria Operations Suite, formerly known as vRealize. These products offer centralized cloud management and capabilities, allowing organizations to gain visibility into their entire cloud infrastructure. It also assists with resource optimization and allows users to set up automation workflows to streamline complex processes such as the provisioning and management of infrastructure and application resources. As a whole, VMware Aria/vRealize is used to streamline and optimize cloud operations, enhance resource management, improve cost control, enforce governance and compliance, and facilitate automation in multi-cloud environments. 

There are two versions of the VCP certification for this path - the VMware Cloud 2023 and the VMware Cloud Operations 2023. The main difference between the two certifications is that VMware Cloud 2023 is focused on providing services for running applications, while VMware Cloud Operations 2023 is focused on providing services for managing cloud infrastructure.

VMware Security

IBM recently published a report that found the global average cost of a data breach in 2023 was 4.45 million USD, a 15% increase over three years. With the cost of data breaches being so high, it’s incredibly important that organizations have IT personnel who are adequately trained in digital security. This certification covers security features of VMware products, including NSX-T Data Center, Workspace ONE, and VMware Carbon Black Cloud.

VMware Network Virtualization 

 This certification path also ensures that learners have a thorough understanding of vSphere before moving on to a different VMware software – VMware NSX, a software-defined networking solution that lets users automatically initialize, control, change, and manage their networks and their security. 

VMware NSX makes it possible for developers to micro-segment their machines into smaller, isolated segments. Each segment can have its own security policies, creating a zero-trust security model. This is incredibly hard to overcome and makes the machines and their data very secure. This also makes it possible to create a multi-tentant network with tight security and strong compliance. NSX can also replace or supplement traditional network services like load balancing, firewalling, and VPNs. This simplifies network architecture and reduces the need for dedicated hardware appliances. 

VMware Digital Workspace

This certification is used to validate an individual's ability to deploy, manage, and optimize VMware Horizon and Workspace ONE. VMware Horizon is typically used for delivering applications, managing user desktops and apps, providing security, and improving user productivity by providing a consistent user experience across all devices and locations. 

Workspace ONE is a suite of products that help organizations deliver a modern digital workspace to their employees. Workspace ONE assists with single-sign-on, endpoint management, application management, and a remote support solution that allows IT administrators to help users with their devices and applications. The VMware Digital Workspace Certification is a valuable credential for IT professionals who want to demonstrate their skills in deploying, managing, and optimizing VMware Horizon and Workspace ONE. 

VMware Application Modernization

This certification path is meant for individuals who wish to validate their skills with specialist exams such as developer knowledge of specialized frameworks or administrative knowledge of emerging technologies. The two technologies or frameworks discussed most throughout the course of this certification will be VMware Tanzu and VMware Spring. 

VMware Tanzu is a cloud-native application platform that helps developers build, deploy, and manage applications across multiple clouds. It provides a consistent development experience across clouds and makes it easy to move applications between clouds.

VMware Spring is an open-source application framework that helps developers build Java applications more easily. It is a popular choice for building microservices and cloud-native applications. VMware Spring Professional is the second round of certifications in the VMware Application Modernization path. Developers who are interested in building Java applications may find that the VMware Certified Spring Professional exam is a good choice for them.