Deploying the ForgeRock Identity Platform using DevOps Techniques - Webinar

ForgeRock’s Matthias Tristl will introduce DevOps techniques you can use to deploy ForgeRock’s Identity Management Platform, incorporating examples from their new course - FR-523A. The Deploying the ForgeRock Identity Platform™ using DevOps Techniques class leads students through the ForgeRock DevOps documentation set to learn how to deploy all of the ForgeRock Identity Platform software components to a Kubernetes cluster running in the Google Kubernetes Environment (GKE) and then explores how you can migrate an existing application to Kubernetes using the DevOps techniques covered in the documentation. Students who have experience with ForgeRock core concepts and some knowledge of Kubernetes & Helm, will find this session valuable.

Speaker: Matthias Tristl, ForgeRock Principle Learning Consultant.