How To Start Your Enterprise Cloud Journey [Video]

Cloud computing is everywhere, but businesses still lack skilled IT workers who fully understand how to best utilize it, which is why Enterprise Training is so important. As more organizations migrate their data flows to cloud computing, the value of qualified IT employees who have completed Enterprise Training and are familiar with cloud computing's complexities will only grow. Both established and startup companies frequently start their Cloud-Native Architecture journey with public or private cloud adoption, then "lift and shift" specific operational or software delivery cycle functions to the cloud. While this is a good place to start, it lacks the tremendous, strategy-altering impact of going fully cloud-native. Cloud-native architectures, when fully utilized, provide improved system resiliency and manageability, as well as a lower cost of ownership.

This video covers why ExitCertified is the premier place for Enterprise Training for cloud computing and more. We go over how ExitCertified provides vendor-authorized training for all the leading cloud platforms, so you and your IT team will quickly be caught up on everything that's vital to know when it comes to cloud computing.