Accelerating Software Development with Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Programming [Webinar]

Gain an introduction to three of the latest AI technologies: Amazon CodeWhisperer, Github Copilot, and OpenAI ChatGPT.  Potentially the most disruptive change to the software development practice in years, AI assisted programming promises dramatic increases in productivity.  Discover the potential/limitations of these technologies and gain insight on how the role of a software developer is changing in the face of these new technologies.


Ken Krueger

Speaker: Ken Krueger, ExitCertified Instructor

Ken has over 30 years of experience in an IT career that has spanned the eras of the mainframe, client server and web. He has been a software developer, project leader, project manager, Scrum Master and instructor. He has held IT positions in telecommunications, finance, real estate, retail, utilities, shipping, hospitality and software development. Ken’s areas of expertise include Java, Spring, SQL, web development, cloud and related technologies. He holds certifications in PMP, AWS, Java and Scrum Master, and has been an ExitCertified instructor since 2015.