Beyond Lift-n-Shift: Extracting Real Value from the Cloud with IBM [Webinar]

Don’t be fooled into thinking lift-n-shift is the end of your cloud journey. Enterprises are now thinking of ways to modernize their applications and transform their cloud model to drive agility and innovation. Watch our webinar to explore the next steps in your cloud modernization journey by considering the importance of cloud native services, learning about hybrid and multi-cloud architecture, discussing how education plays a part, thinking about the future and of course, how IBM Cloud can help get you there.

In this video you will learn:

  • What are the next steps in your cloud journey beyond lift-n-shift?
  • What is the importance of cloud native technologies?
  • How does IBM see the future? Will it be serverless or dominated by containers?
  • How does IBM support hybrid and multi-cloud architectures?
  • What’s next on the horizon for cloud?

Speaker: James Belton, Technical Leader, IBM Center for Cloud Training

James Belton is a UK-based IT Architect with over 25 years experience. With a background in systems design and administration, he joined IBM in 2011 in a consulting role. He’s been working with IBM Cloud since 2015 and is currently the Technical Leader for the IBM Center for Cloud Training.