Building an Effective Learning & Development Plan for Cloud: The Right Questions to Ask Your IT Leaders [Webinar]

Cloud transformation will continue to accelerate and evolve. To remain competitive and maximize advantages, organizations must make strategic decisions to complete cloud computing initiatives. These initiatives include enabling your IT team with training needed to adopt new cloud technologies.

A move to the cloud generally involves a lot more upskilling than simply taking a couple of classes from your organization’s cloud vendor of choice. Understanding the right questions to ask your IT leaders is essential in building an effective training plan that meets your business needs. ExitCertified has worked with many Learning and Development teams to help craft probing questions to understand the full range of technologies and techniques involved in their organization’s cloud journey.

Watch our webinar and discover how ExitCertified can help you build a learning and development plan designed to accelerate cloud growth within your organization.

Speaker: Myles Brown, Senior Cloud & DevOps Advisor | ExitCertified & Brian Carlson, Director of Sales | ExitCertified

Myles Brown is the Senior Cloud & DevOps Advisor at ExitCertified (Tech Data). He has over twenty-five years of experience in the IT industry across a variety of platforms. Recognized as an AWS Champion - Authorized Instructor and a Google Cloud Professional Architect and Instructor, Myles has delivered award-winning authorized IT training for the biggest Cloud providers.

Brian Carlson is the Director of Sales at ExitCertified (Tech Data). He has over twenty years in the IT Training industry and works with large and medium-sized clients to build enterprise-scale skilling programs.