Designing and Implementing Microservices

In this webinar you will learn about the common design patterns used in Microservices Architecture as well as the pros and cons of using microservices instead of monolithic applications.

More specifically, we will discuss these points:

  • What is In Scope for a Robust Microservices Design?
  • Scoping Your Microservice via the Bounded Context
  • Scoping Your Solution’s Microservices Architecture
  • Cross Cutting Concerns
  • The Facade Pattern
  • Naked Objects Pattern
  • Dealing with the State
  • How Can I Maintain State?
  • Micro Front-ends (a.k.a. MicroUI)
  • Design for Failure
  • Embedding Databases
  • Speaker: Michael Forrester

    Speaker Bio: Michael Forrester is a 20-year IT Industry veteran and an Amazon Authorized Instructor whose passion is to train, lead and create technology expertise so that technology teams can deliver software better, faster, smarter, and with visibility and transparency back to the business. Whether it is rolling out a whole new technology team for delivery, training the ubernerds on cloud, containers, or microservices or coaching others on how to effectively inspire the technical team and engineers in your organization, Michael’s focus is to elevate and inform one person at a time.