Discover Nutanix with VMware ESXi Hypervisor [Webinar]

Many organizations are moving from traditional three-tier architecture to a hyperconverged model. While there has been a lot of conversation about the Acropolis Hypervisor, Nutanix supports operations with Hyper-V and ESXi. For those organizations looking to continue operations with VMware’s ESXi hypervisor, what products and features are supported on Nutanix? What Nutanix products and features are supported with ESXi? We’ll take a look at these topics, planning the cluster deployment and some day-to-day operations topics.

Speaker: Ken Willard, Senior Instructor

Ken specializes in system virtualization and consolidation (server & desktop), helping technology teams approach virtualization while considering the technical, organizational and political impact. Ken has worked with IT organizations from the commercial, government and non-profit verticals; addressing virtualization in each of these unique environments. In addition to delivering training to both the business partner and end-user communities, Ken also works with the Tech Data channel community to assist with pre-sales consulting.