Introducing vSphere 8: Benefits for Small to Medium Businesses [Webinar]

The so-called “Enterprise Workload Platform,” vSphere 8, brings to on-premise workloads the same benefits as those found in the cloud, accelerating digital transformation by enhancing operational efficiencies for a variety of roles in IT. Watch this session to discover the many ways vSphere 8 simplifies IT operations for companies of all sizes by reducing complexities with lifecycle management, vNUMA configuration and core enhancements in DRS, vMotion and Data Processing Units.

In this session we review:

  • vSphere version support dates and EOL
  • Data Processing Units (DPUs)
  • Simplified vNUMA Configuration
  • DRS enhancements
  • vMotion enhancements
  • Lifecycle Management: patching and update changes 

Speaker: Ken Willard, Senior Instructor at ExitCertified 

Ken Willard is a senior instructor with background in VMware architecture, implementation planning and production roll-outs. He specializes in system virtualization and consolidation (server & desktop), helping technology teams approach virtualization while considering the technical, operational and organizational impact.