Practical Trends in Big Data and Analytics [Webinar]

There are many forward-looking articles that talk about trends to watch for in data analytics, but these are often bleeding-edge technologies that are not in use in most organizations. This webinar will look at current analytics trends that we discuss weekly with customers in our Databricks, Cloudera, AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure courses.

After a quick overview of the major trends to watch out for in the future, you will hear about some short-term trends in big data and analytics being deployed today. You will learn about the use of notebooks as an analytics client, reliance on cloud for infrastructure, and the automation of a Big Data in DataOps.

Myles Brown | Senior Cloud & DevOps Advisor, ExitCertified

Myles Brown is the Senior Cloud & DevOps Advisor at Tech Data | ExitCertified. He has over twenty years of experience in the IT industry across a variety of platforms. Recognized as an AWS Authorized Instructor Champion and a Google Cloud Platform Professional Architect and Instructor, Myles has delivered award-winning authorized IT training for the biggest Cloud providers.