The Value & Challenges of Cloud Native Technology [Webinar]

Cloud native technologies are the future of how we deploy applications, but the reality is that we still have a long way to go before they are the only or even the dominant technology. Briefly looking into why cloud native technologies make a difference and help solve business problems, as opposed to being just another technology we have to learn, will help us better understand their value.

Spending time focusing on the barriers to cloud native adoption, and discussing what some of the more practical solutions could be to help companies take advantage of them and move faster will help guide more adoption.

During this video, you will gain insight into:

  • Why cloud native technologies are good for businesses and enterprises
  • What is holding back cloud native adoption
  • Practical ideas of how to lower those barriers and help you focus on building value for your business

Speaker: Shaun O'Meara, Global Field CTO and Head of Product at Mirantis

Shaun O’Meara has been designing and building Enterprise Technology Solutions for 20+ years. He has worked with a diverse set of customers across the globe and is passionate about bridging the gap between business needs and delivering technology products that make a difference. His work advising on the journey to cloud and assisting in the development of cloud solutions has given him the opportunity to try a diverse set of innovative technologies.