U.S. State and Local Government: Emerging Cloud Trends in 2022 [Webinar]

The use of public cloud at U.S. State and Local Government Agencies has been on the rise since the 2019 Federal Cloud Computing Strategy – Cloud Smart was introduced. In this session, we break down the major cloud trends emerging in 2022 for State and Local Government Agencies. We also discuss how ExitCertified can help deliver the training needed to skill your organization to be ready for these trends. 

ExitCertified is well positioned to discuss these trends as it delivers authorized training to government clients for all the major public cloud vendors as well as numerous open source cloud-related technologies.

Speakers: Myles Brown, Senior Cloud & DevOps Advisor, Tech Data | ExitCertified, Kelly Nevius, Senior Education Consultant for State and Local Government, Tech Data | ExitCertified

Myles Brown is the Senior Cloud & DevOps Advisor at ExitCertified (Tech Data). He has over twenty-five years of experience in the IT industry across a variety of platforms. Recognized as an AWS Champion - Authorized Instructor and a Google Cloud Professional Architect and Instructor, Myles has delivered award-winning authorized IT training for the biggest Cloud providers.

Kelly Nevius is a 20+ year veteran in the technical training world.  Through her consultative sales approach, she has helped thousands of students over the years achieve their professional and career goals while learning and adopting new technologies.