Understanding Kubernetes & Where it Fits in Cloud-Native Architectures [Webinar]

So how did we end up at Kubernetes and why? Join us May 11th, as ExitCertified Cloud Instructor Mike Stapleton, delves into the history of the DevOps movement & the evolution by necessity, into modern cloud-native architectures. Anyone new to cloud-native, will benefit by learning the design principles behind it - microservices, dynamic management, automation, containers & orchestration – with a focus on the latter. Join us for a deep dive into Kubernetes, a popular open-source framework for deployment and maintenance of containerized applications.

Attend this session to:

  • Grasp the principles around Cloud-native architecture
  • Learn about container applications like Docker
  • Understand Kubernetes architecture & deployment
  • See how Kubernetes handles services like, Secrets and ConfigMaps
  • And much more..