What You Need To Know About vSphere 7 [Webinar]

The build-up to vSphere 7 began last fall at VMworld with the announcement of Project Pacific. We now have the full release of vSphere 7, with essential services for the modern hybrid cloud , that packs a lot under the hood for our modern IT operations. We now have Kubernetes integration, improved lifecycle management and security plus enhancements to DRS and vMotion.

Watch this session and hear about some of the new features in vSphere 7, how they might apply to your IT operations and what you should be thinking about when it comes time to upgrade.

Speaker | Title : Ken Willard, Senior Instructor, ExitCertified

Ken specializes in system virtualization and consolidation (server & desktop), helping technology teams approach virtualization while considering the technical, organizational and political impact. Ken has worked with IT organizations from the commercial, government and non-profit verticals, addressing virtualization in each of these unique environments. In addition to delivering training to both the business partner and end-user communities, Ken also works with the Tech Data channel community to assist with pre-sales consulting.