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3ds Max Character Animation with Bones & the Character Studio Plugin

Course Details
Tuition (USD): $1,495.00 • Classroom (3 days)

In this advanced class, you will learn advanced character rigging and character animation. You will learn to use the Bones System that is built into 3ds Max as well as Character Studio with Biped and Physique. Bones allows for custom rigs including multi-legged characters. The Character Studio plugin uses a Biped "primitive" that can utilize footstep creation for two-legged characters.

Who Can Benefit

Professionals who want unparalleled creative freedom, productivity, and precision for producing superb 3D modeling.


  • Knowledge of OS X and basic computer navigation
  • 3ds Max Fundamentals or equivalent experience
  • 3ds Max Advanced or equivalent experience recommended

Course Details

Lesson 1: Bone Tools

  • Create Bones
  • Bone Edit Mode
  • Remove, Connect, Delete, Create Ends, and Refine Bones
  • Bone Coloring, Fins Adjustment, and Properties
  • Use Edit Poly to Customize Bone Objects
  • Create Character Node

Lesson 2: Add Bones into the Mesh

  • The "DaVinci" Pose Do's and Don'ts
  • Preparing the Mesh for Bone Rigging
  • Adding Bones into using Mesh Template

Lesson 3: Rigging

  • Mechanical vs. Bone Rigs
  • Set Up a Rig using HI Solver and Sliders
  • Custom Biped Rigs
  • Tips and Tricks for Successful Rigging
  • Proper Use of Coordinate Systems to Prevent Rigging Problems
  • Create Biped, Quadrapeds, or Any Multi-Legged Character
  • Creative Use of Controllers and Constraints
  • What the Books Don't Show Us, But Should!

Lesson 4: Character Studio

  • Biped and Physique and Skinning
  • Learn Workflows for Successful Rigging
  • Fitting Biped to a Mesh
  • Creating Footsteps
  • Varying Time and Stride Length
  • Footsteps in Track View
  • Upper Body Animation
  • Freeform Animation
  • Anchoring
  • IK Blending
  • Body Dynamics
  • Passing Objects
  • Obstacle Course
  • Motion Capture
  • Motion Flow
  • Curve Editing

Lesson 5: Skinning

  • Skin Modifier
  • Skin Morph and Skin Wrap
  • Envelopes
  • Vertex Editing
  • Weight Tables
  • Mirror Mode

Lesson 6: Animation Techniques

  • Tip and Tricks on Walk Cycles
  • Human and Animal Locomotion Techniques
  • Morph Modifier for Facial Animation
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