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Product Specific Focus Courses

There are a wide range of fully-accredited cyber security courses from leading vendors that can help you learn the basic to advanced skills such as stacking the firewall, configuring the identity management system, and adjusting the intrusion detection system. To choose the right vendor training it depends on what security infrastructure you are interested in working on. We offer networking and security training from vendors such as RedHat, Juniper, and Oracle, just to name a few. Here are three that are most popular.

securing the internet communication and critical data

Check Point Training

Check Point is a leader in securing the internet communication and critical data. Check Point offers certification in security administration, a foundation-level training on VPN-1/Firewall and Provider-1 internet security solutions. You can also advance those skills and become a certified managed security expert by learning more in-depth knowledge on how to provide centralized security policy implementation and management. The training and skills you receive make you easily employable to protect the world’s networks.

 IBM Security System

IBM Security Training

ExitCertified offers a wide selection of IBM Security System training from securing access management, authentication, managing platform security and learning how to build IBM security directory solutions. These are just some of the training topics offered under IBM security training. Each of their training courses is broken down into levels of proficiency, ranging from an advisor through to deployment professional. For example, training can lead to becoming an IBM Certified Solution Advisor, IBM Certified associate, or IBM Certified Deployment professional.

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Cisco Security Training

Certified Cisco network security training from ExitCertifed will give you the opportunity to be well-versed in topics, such as intrusion prevention systems, web and email security, secure access control, and Cisco ASA, just to name a few. Once you have understood key aspects, components and systems relevant to Cisco’s security products and platforms, you can start a career as a Cisco Firewall specialist, Cisco IDS specialist, and Cisco VPN specialist.