ForgeRock Access Management Product Overview

Course Details
Code: FR-120
Tuition (USD): FREE • Classroom (4 hours)

This seminar is FREE of charge and will provide students with a high-level overview of the core OpenAM functionality. The seminar is kept short and focuses on the areas that are important during a product evaluation.

Who Can Benefit

The seminar is aimed at IT professionals who are interested in understanding the advantages and functionality of OpenAM as the single sign-on and federation infrastructure product.

  • System integrators
  • System consultants
  • System architects


There are no prerequisites.

Course Details


  • ForgeRock product suite overview

SSO deployment examples

  • Protecting internal applications
  • Controlling access to your web site
  • Integrating with your business partners


  • Client authentication
  • Built-in server authentication
  • Custom authentication


  • Protecting your application assets
  • Overview of policy functionality


  • Overview of federation technologies
  • Capabilities of federation
  • Integrating services using federation