ForgeRock Identity Management Product Overview

Course Details
Code: FR-111
Tuition (USD): FREE • Classroom (4 hours)

This seminar is FREE of charge and provides students with a high-level overview of the core OpenIDM functionality. The main goal of the seminar is to give delegates an understanding of the functionality core to OpenIDM. The seminar is kept short and focuses on the areas that are important during a product evaluation.

Skills Gained

  • Describe the ForgeRock platform
  • Describe the platform use cases

Who Can Benefit

The seminar is aimed at IT professionals who are interested in understanding the advantages and functionality of the OpenIDM product.

  • System integrators
  • System consultants
  • System architects


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Details

Introduction to ForgeRock platform

  • Describe the ForgeRock platform
  • Describe the platform use cases

Introduction to OpenIDM, use cases, and installation

  • Describe common OpenIDM use cases
  • Describe OpenIDM components and architecture
  • List prerequisites for the installation of OpenIDM
  • Describe the key OpenIDM features

Introduction to OpenICF

  • Describe the components of OpenICF
  • List the supported connectors in OpenICF
  • Describe how to configure a connector (high level)
  • Describe the general connector properties and Object Types

Introduction to the synchronization engine in OpenIDM

  • Describe various synchronization scenarios in OpenIDM
  • Describe how to configure synchronization

Introduction to workflows in OpenIDM

  • Describe the integration of Activiti into OpenIDM
  • Describe basic workflows in OpenIDM
  • Describe the most common BPMN building blocks
  • Describe the Activiti tools