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IBM GTP Award 2018

Blockchain Essentials: Security Training

Course Details
Code: U5BCH21G
Tuition (USD): $1,875.00 • Virtual (3 days)

This course provides a detailed overview of all Blockchain security issues, including threats, risk mitigation, node security integrity, confidentiality, best security practices, advanced Blockchain security and more. The in-depth lab sessions will provide the student with practical, real world tools for not only recognizing security threats, but mitigation and prevention as well.


  • Blockchain Architects
  • Blockchain Developers
  • Application Developers        
  • Blockchain System Administrators
  • Network Security Architects      
  • Cyber Security Experts
  • IT Professionals with cyber-security experience
Due to the in-depth focus on technical cyber-security methods, and the broad scope of this course, those with current cyber-security knowledge, Blockchain architecture, and/or experienced programmers will benefit the most from this course.

Those who attend the Security for Blockchain Professionals course and pass the exam certification will have a demonstrated knowledge of:
  •  Identifying and differentiating between security threats and attacks on a Blockchain network.
  • Blockchain security methods, best practices, risk mitigation, and more.
  • All known (to date) cyber-attack vectors on the Blockchain.
  • Performing Blockchain network security risk analysis.
  • A complete understanding of Blockchain’s inherent security features and risks.
  • An excellent knowledge of best security practices for Blockchain System/Network Administrators.
  • Demonstrating appropriate Blockchain data safeguarding techniques.
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