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IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) v9.2

Course Details
Code: U5LMT45G
Tuition (USD): $3,400.00 • Classroom (4 days)
$3,400.00 • Virtual (4 days)

IBM® License Metric Tool (ILMT), a subset of BigFix Inventory, helps IBM Passport Advantage® (PA) customers determine their full and sub-capacity processor value units (PVU) licensing requirements. It helps calculate the number of PVUs available to installed Passport Advantage PVU-based software, including supported virtualized servers. This course will present material that will help ILMT Operators develop the foundational knowledge they need to successfully utilize ILMT to manage their IBM software licensing requirements and help maintain an audit ready posture.

Skills Gained

  • Gain an understanding of the ILMT Architecture and Platform Components
  • Learn to install the Base Platform and configure the ILMT and Analytics Server
  • Explore and learn about ILMT’s Capabilities and Functionality
  • Learn about Software and Capacity Scans. IBM Software Inventory, PVU Licensing. managing Data Imports and Computer Groups
  • Learn to generate ILMT reports
  • Learn about Software Classification: Confirming, Assigning, Tagging/Excluding, and Re-bundling
  • Learn to perform basic troubleshooting including server issues, scan health, IBM capacity data completeness, and failed imports
  • Learn about Overall Platform Capabilities using BigFix functionality


Students should have:

  • Basic Microsoft Windows and VMWare skills

Course Details

Day 1

Unit 1: Getting to know IBM License Metric Tool

  • Overview
  • Under the Covers of LMT
  • Getting things Done in LMT
  • Key Concepts
  • Evaluate your environment
  • Plan your deployment
  • Install BigFix
  • Install and Configure LMT
  • Keeping LMT up to date
  • Lab 1.1: BigFix Platform Installation
  • Lab 1.2: ILMT Server Installation and Configuration

Day 2

Unit 2: Working with IBM License Metric Tool

  • Capabilities and Functionality
  • Hardware Capacity Scans
  • Advanced Scan Configuration
  • Improving Import Performance using Scan Distribution
  • Managing Virtual Machine managers
  • Administering LMT Components
  • Administering the Servers and Databases
  • Removing Inactive Computers
  • Managing Data Sources
  • Lab 2.1: Scanning, Uploading and Importing
  • Lab 2.2: Create Computer Groups
  • Lab 2.3: Managing Imports

Day 3

Unit 3: Working with IBM Software Inventory and Metric Utilization

  • Software Catalogs
  • Updating the Catalog
  • Assign additional License Metrics to a Product
  • Add or Change End of Support Date
  • Inspect Product Components and Signatures
  • Software Classification
  • Automated bundling
  • Manual Bundling
  • License Metrics
  • License Metric Utilization
  • Reporting
  • Working with Reports
  • Available Reports
  • Lab 3.1: Software Classification
  • Lab 3.2: All IBM Metrics Report

Day 4

Unit 4: Troubleshooting

  • Server Issues
  • Agent/Client Health
  • Scanner Troubleshooting
  • Scan Health
  • IBM Capacity Data Completeness
  • Failed Imports
  • Lab 4.1: BigFix and LMT Log Files
  • Lab 4.2: Modify Scanner Trace Settings
  • Lab 4.3: Check why a Fixlet or Task is not relevant
  • Lab 4.4: Troubleshoot problems with Computers

Unit 5: Other Features

  • Other BigFix Product functionality
  • BigFix Inventory
  • Asset Discovery
  • Patching
  • Software Distribution
  • Self-Service Application