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  • IBM - IMS Security (Course)

    Course Code: CM43G
    Learn implementation for Information Management System (IMS) using Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) as the external security manager, and the installation provided security exit routines. Apply...
  • IBM - IMS Database Performance and Tuning (Course)

    Course Code: CM30G
    Learn how to tune Information Management System (IMS) databases for use in IMS/Batch, IMS/Data Communications (DC), CICS-Local-Data Language One (DL/I), and Data Base Control (DBCTL) environments....
  • IBM - Introducing z/OS UNIX System Services (Course)

    Course Code: OP05G
    This course describes how open standards are implemented in a z/OS system by z/OS UNIX. UNIX System Services are introduced, and the role of z/OS as a server in the open systems environment is...
  • IBM - Assembler Language Coding Workshop (Course)

    Course Code: ES34G
    This classroom hands-on lab course provides an introduction to the mainframe Assembler language. The course is designed to develop the skills appropriate to write and/or maintain programs and routines...
  • IBM - IBM System z Parallel Sysplex Operations (Course)

    Course Code: ES73G
    This course is designed so that students can learn how z/OS systems operate in a Parallel Sysplex environment through discussion topics and hands-on lab exercises. Students learn problem determination...
  • IBM - Advanced Assembler Language Coding Workshop (Course)

    Course Code: ES35G
    This course provides instruction and practice in the use of the more complex S/390 Assembler Language facilities for the experienced assembler language programmer. The course includes a discussion of...
  • IBM - IMS Physical Organization of Databases Workshop (Course)

    Course Code: CM22G
    Learn how to design, implement, reorganize, and recover Information Management System (IMS) databases. Practice these skills in intensive machine labs. Skills Gained Code the Database Directories...
  • IBM - IMS Database Recovery Control (DBRC) (Course)

    Course Code: CM20G
    Learn all aspects, including installation, implementation, and management of the Database Recovery Control (DBRC) feature of Information Management System (IMS). DBRC is an IMS facility that provides...
  • IBM - IMS Fundamentals (Course)

    Course Code: CM01G
    Learn about the basic Information Management System (IMS) facilities: the IMS Database System and the IMS Transaction Manager (IMS/TM). Explore how these facilities work together and how application...
  • IBM - Advanced Parallel Sysplex Operations and Recovery Workshop (Course)

    Course Code: ES90G
    This course describes advanced operator actions to implement new policies, coupling facilities, structures and sysplex related operational enhancements. It diagnoses problems and demonstrates recovery...
  • IBM - Implementing RACF Security for CICS/ESA and CICS/TS (Course)

    Course Code: ES84G
    This course teaches you how to implement security for your CICS systems using RACF as the external security manager. The lecture material will first explain the implementation tasks for a...
  • IBM - z/OS Security Server RACF, Implementing and Customization (Course)

    Course Code: SZ81G
    This course will teach you to implement and customize RACF on z/OS. We will start creating and maintaining the RACF databases. The functions, a resource manager can use, to work with RACF as external...
  • IBM - z/VM Introduction and Concepts (Course)

    Course Code: ZV02G
    This classroom course of 3.0 days teaches how to use CP and CMS commands in a VM/CMS environment. You should learn how to create and modify files with XEDIT, transmit files, messages to other users...
  • IBM - IMS Database Application Programming (Course)

    Course Code: CM17G
    Learn how to write application programs that use Data Language One (DL/I) to process Information Management System (IMS) databases. Skills Gained Describe the basic differences between files and IMS...
  • IBM - IMS Fast Path (Course)

    Course Code: CM64G
    This course is designed to describe the features and functions of Fast Path both from a capability and an implementation perspective. Skills Gained Identify the components of IMS Fast Path Describe...