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Oracle BI 11g Scorecarding and Strategy Management

Course Details
Code: D79008
Tuition (USD): $177.00 $168.15 • Self Paced
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Course Details
GSA (USD): $151.58 • Self Paced

This course introduces you to KPI and scorecarding concepts, followed by detailed information on how to create both KPIs and scorecards employed in the development of a strategy management plan.

The course is intended for a business-oriented audience who want an understanding of these components, which will enable them to utilize the newly learned skills to build KPIs and scorecards for their business. Students learn how to create KPIs, KPI watchlists, and scorecards. Scorecarding includes creating objectives, initiatives, a custom perspective, a Strategy map, a Strategy tree, and a Cause & Effect map. Additionally, students learn how to use proactive detection, add scorecard objects to a dashboard, and interactively collaborate by using scorecards.

Learn To:
  • Add Scorecards to a Dashboard
  • Create Agents
  • Create KPIs
  • Create Scorecards and associated objects

Skills Gained

  • Create a Strategy map within Scorecard
  • Create a Strategy tree within Scorecard
  • Create a Cause Effect map within Scorecard
  • Create Mission and Vision statements within Scorecard
  • Create KPIs
  • Create a stand-alone KPI watchlist
  • Create a Scorecard
  • Create a KPI and KPI watchlist within Scorecard
  • Create Objectives within Scorecard
  • Create Initiatives within Scorecard
  • Create a Perspective within Scorecard
  • Create comments for collaboration within Scorecard


  • Oracle BI 11g: Introduction to End User Tools
  • Oracle BI 11g R1: Create Analyses and Dashboards

Course Details

Introducing Oracle Scorecard

  • Examining Oracle’s Business Intelligence Strategy
  • Defining KPIs
  • Defining Scorecarding
  • Describing the Relationship Between KPIs and Strategy Management

Measuring Results with Key Performance Indicators

  • KPI Concepts and Terminology
  • Creating KPIs
  • Exploring KPI Watchlists
  • Creating a Stand-alone KPI Watchlist
  • Explaining the KPI Relationship with Scorecarding

Developing a Strategy Management Plan

  • Describing Oracle Scorecard
  • Creating a Scorecard
  • Creating KPIs and a Watchlist Within Scorecard
  • Creating a Perspective
  • Creating an Initiative and Objective
  • Creating a Strategy Tree, Strategy Map, Cause Effect Map, and so on
  • Creating Agents
  • Defining Mission and Vision Statements
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